Monday, May 19, 2008

Moved In... Sort of

Well we are moved. We left at 6am Friday morning to head to Wilmore. My mom and sister helped us get to Dalton, GA and then Matt's parents helped get us the rest of the way to Wilmore. We finally get to Wilmore around 5pm, had dinner, and were off to bed by 10pm. The next day we spent all morning unloading the truck thanks to Matt's parents and Brett and Jessica Maddocks. We had lunch with Matt's parents, went to Walmart, returned the truck, and came back home to our new house to unpack. We are about 1/2 way done and are excited that we can finally walk through our house without running into too much stuff. Today we are spending the day cleaning, unpacking, and trying to get our address changed at the bank, insurance companies, and a few other places. Tomorrow the job search begins. We will keep you updated. Also here are our other new emails that you may be able to catch us at more often than the ones in the previous post:
Also here is a picture of our new house. We live in the apartment behind the stairs on the bottom.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tornado pictures

So my mom's house got hit pretty hard by the tornado last Sunday morning. Seth is living back at home and so he was there with my mom during the crazy storm. They saw the tornado coming and climbed in the closet and when they came out here are some of the things they found:
This what the house looks like from the front. There should be a covering over the porch and there shouldn't be those big holes in the roof if you didn't know. Luckily, Nancy (my brother's girlfriend), her family, and some of my brother's friends came out and helped clean up all around the house and farm.

The pool is under that fallen fence. The door is usually hidden by the fence also.

This is the power line down behind the truck.

Due to the roof being ripped off the house they now have a nice sun roof in the closet and puddles in all the front closets of the house. The light normally doesn't show through!

This is one of the 4 barns that are now leveled. Only 1 barn made it through the storm.

Here is the back side of the barn.

This is Burr, our donkey. He was caught under the barn when it collapsed. He is ok but Ginny was not as lucky. She is now in "donkey heaven".

This is my grandparents house. Last time I was there those holes weren't in their house either.

On another note, we are packed and ready to hit the road at 6 am...hopefully. Just pray for safety as Matt drives the really big moving truck! We will update you all as soon as we get there and get internet.
Also here are our new emails:
Sara Beth-

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Address and website

Well we were hoping for a downstairs apartment and we found out yesterday we did! This is such a blessing b/c we were not excited about having to carry all of our stuff upstairs to an apartment. So here is our address:
The Stouts
102 North Maple Street
Box #9
Wilmore, KY 40390

We have knocked out a lot of the packing in the last few days but I am sure there is much left to do and I am sure we will have a problem somewhere along the way. However, we will pray for no problems and a pleasant and successful move. I also hope we will be able to get a little bit of rest over these next 9 days. I will continue to keep everyone updated! Thanks for the prayers!

Also when you get a chance everyone needs to check out a few websites.
1. it is a really great website for guys. It is all about "how to be a Man" and other articles. Matt and I really liked some of the things we found. It isn't a Christian site but it definitely has some great ideas and guidance.

2. This is the website for Matt's comics he has been writing. I think they are really great, creative, and funny. Check them out!

Ok well that is about it for now. I'll write more later!
~Sara Beth

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 08 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had a great year here at the Wesley Foundation. It will be sad to leave, but we are excited about our future in Wilmore, KY. So much has happened since our last letter.

Our mission trip to Guatemala was amazing. We enjoyed loving on the children, painting the house and shed, cleaning, cooking, and much more. Matt and the three other guys on the team spent two days building two doors for the school bathrooms and one door for two teenage boys so they could have some privacy. Sara Beth got to help with Christmas decorations again and even spent a few days putting information into different databases. The team got along great and with this being our first mission trip we felt it was very successful. We are excited about future mission trips.

The last two months at Wesley have been great. We had a 5 day, 24 hours a day prayer event. We filled all the slots! We had a team to participate in Relay for Life and they raised over $400. We had our annual end of the year Semi-formal. The theme was “Hollywood Red Carpet” and it was just a great time of fellowship, food, and dancing. Now we are just breezing through the last days of the semester. This last week of school we have just hung out at Wesley watching the “Back to the Future” Trilogy and playing lots of video and board games. It has been a restful week for the students and us!

Now we are planning to use the next two weeks to pack and clean. Our moving day is May 16th and we are excited about what is in store for our new life in Wilmore. Please pray for us as we look for jobs and adjust to living in a new town. We have an apartment but aren’t sure of what our new address is yet. We will update our blog with all the information and an update as soon as we get to our new home. Remember our blog is:

Once again we want to thank each of you for all the support you have given us over our time at Wesley. We couldn’t have done ministry without your prayers and financial support. We pray God’s blessings over each of you and will continue to keep you update on the Life of the Stouts as much as possible in our blog!

Much love and many blessings,
Matt and Sara Beth Stout