Friday, August 8, 2008

Jobs and School

Hey guys,
It has been a crazy month. I am just going to list all the things that have happened in the last month:
1. We have gotten to see Matt's parents a good bit since moving here. I think we are up to 3. We went once in June, then for the Fourth of July for Norris Day, and then they came for a short visit last weekend. It has been great being so close.
2. I miss my family.
3. Matt is still looking for a job. He has had a few interviews and will be having 2 next week. We know it will come in time but are getting a little anxious.
4. I finally sold a wedding gown. Actually I sold 3! I also had my best day at work last Saturday. I sold 2 wedding gowns, 11 tuxes, invitations for a wedding, and a few other things. I sold double my goal for the day. It definitely helped to boost my confidence that I am competent and capable of doing my job.
5. I started class Aug 4th for a 2 week intensive course. I have 4 tests and 3 papers in 2 weeks. I made an A on my first test and am about to finish my first paper. (This is my attempt to take a break.) I am really enjoying my class and can't wait to learn even more and start counseling!
6. Matt and I are really excited (Matt a little more) about the Olympics beginning tonight. GO USA! We will be having a small party to watch the Opening Ceremonies in a few hours.
7. Matt is busy right now preparing for class to start in a few weeks. There is a lot of reading for his classes so he is getting a head start. We are trying to have as little procrastination in this house as possible. We will see how long that lasts.
I think that is it. I promise to try to blog more often!