Thursday, November 28, 2013

Funny Ruthie Story

First things first, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We have had some fun times here at the Stout house today. Some cleaning, some crafting, lots of snuggling especially with the teething baby. We also had dinner with some friends from church and it was wonderful and I didn't have to cook anything!!!! 

Ok, onto the funniness! Ruthie is getting so big and growing so much. She will be 3 in January! It just doesn't seem possible. Anyway, with this age comes crazy stories right? Well yesterday we had one!

I dressed Ruthie and she had on a diaper. I left the room to take a shower and get dressed. Came back in the living room to get Ruthie to put on her shoes and get Olivia dressed so we could go run some errands. I asked Ruthie as we were leaving did she need a diaper change or need to go to the potty. Ruthie said no. Got the girls in the car and we went on our errands. We stopped at the church and I asked again, "do you need a diaper change?" and again Ruthie said no. We went to Target. When we went back to the car Ruthie was pulling at her pants as if she needed a diaper change and trying to put her hands down her pants. I asked one more time "do you need a diaper change?" and Ruthie said no diaper and when I looked to see if her diaper was dirty or wet she had no diaper on! Who knows when she took it off. Maybe while I was showering, maybe when I was in the church office and she was in the room across the hall playing with toys, maybe when we were in Target and she was in the cart. I have no idea. All I know is at some point my almost 3 year old took her diaper off and I had no idea for at least 2 hrs (maybe more). 1. That means she is definitely capable of being potty trained and 2. I need to pay more attention apparently b/c she is good at being sneaky!

***Sidenote: We have been trying to potty train Ruthie, but it is just difficult. I think she knows when she has to go. I know that she was dry from 9 to 12:30 the other day b/c she was without a diaper and she did not wet her pants. She sometimes asks to go potty even with a diaper on, but then does not go. Sometimes she will use the bathroom on the floor if she is without a diaper. She shows interest sometimes and then other times wants her diaper on and will be insistent and get very angry if she does not get her diaper when she asks for it. Other times she wants to go without a diaper. I'm telling you, she is like a teenager sometimes- so indecisive! Anyway, parents out there, do you have any suggestions? any idea as to whether we should just go cold turkey on diapers (other than nap/bed time) or wait longer? I'm just so frustrated and confused!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Olivia is 11 months old

Olivia turned 11 months old about 3 weeks ago, and I forgot to post the pictures. It has been saved with the pictures, but I did not post it so here you go!

not wanting to ever sit still anymore!

This is the best one I could get since she is all about some moving these days!

Olivia over the last month has learned to high five, hug, can pull up like a champ, eats table food with the family, knows her name, interacts a lot with her sister and us, and is all around a really great baby. She is much more clingy than Ruthie ever was. If I'm home she wants me to hold her and she loves her nursing. I'm not sure how weaning her is going to go since she loves it so much. We are working on it and now that she will be a year a week from Saturday she is finally down to only 3 nursings a day. It might have to be a cold turkey type of thing. Anyway, she is just growing so much and will be one so soon I can't even believe it. Stay tuned for some cute Birthday Pics and some party pics coming your way over the next few weeks!