Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ruthie Has Been Doing All Kinds of Things Lately!

Ruthie tried a sippy cup
She got the hang of it quickly (with some help of course)

We tried to go swimming, but the water was too cold so Ruthie came in and took a "swim" in the tub with dad while I took some photos!
Then on Memorial Day, we finally got to get in the pool (I need to get in the sun asap!)

Then we came in and took a bath to get all that gross sunscreen off
Today we went for an outing and Ruthie took a bottle for the second time today. once was this morning at a friends house/play date and then this afternoon at Starbucks. Apparently she has changed her mind about bottles and I am hoping that it stays this way.
Finally, yesterday we went for a walk and broke out one pair of the 2 pair of sunglasses Ruthie owns. My child is stylin!
Anyway, we spent the weekend just hanging out together in Wilmore. We went on Saturday to meet up with our friend Jeannie for lunch and then to get frozen yogurt (non lactose for me) at Orange Leaf. Orange Leaf is very yummy so go check it out.
Sunday, we went to church and worked in the nursery (we usually have just 4 or 5 children and this week we had 9!) and then had a potluck at church. That afternoon we rested.
On Monday, we slept in and had a family snuggle in bed. We went for a walk, watched some movies, played in the pool, and just enjoyed a day together!
What did you do for the Memorial Day weekend?

Rj is doing great!

Here are RJ's parents getting to hold him for the first time!

RJ has gained some weight, they have tried milk (if I'm not mistaken, I can't find my email), and most importantly his parents got to hold him. Thanks for the prayers for my little friend. I know they are appreciated and are working!

Friday, May 27, 2011

RJ updates

May 26th update and pic:

Rj was taken off ventilator 2day! has nose tube getting 34% oxygen. under jaundice light. has secretions from tummy again. keepn suctionin tube n til mornin. replacn it with monitorin tube tmrw. wait 2 days 2 c how tummy does. go from there as far as feeding. praising god for his accomplishments 2day! pray 4 tummy!

May 27th update:

R.J. had a great night last night. The nurse said he only had two spells where he stopped breathing for a bit. He is doing great off the ventilator! We are rejiocing in that. They bumped his oxygen down to 30%. So he is starting to get stronger and stronger with those lungs. We are so proud of our little man! The secretions are very few now and a normal color. Doc wants to take out suctioning tube today and replace with a monitoring tube to see how that tummy does. Nurse said he would lose a few ounces since he is breathing on his own and burning more calories now. Nurse said he had a really good night, so we are very thankful! We are even more thankful that we get to spend the weekend over there near the hospital with our baby boy coming and going! It brings a smile to our face to get to spend lots of time with him! Keep praying for him and that tummy situation and stronger lungs! He's getting there through God's grace alone!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruthie Tries Rice Cereal

Here is Ruthie trying rice cereal with a spoon for the first time. She seems to really like it and is sleeping even more!

Here she is in her 3-6 month pjs. Don't you just love the matching hat and bib, daddy sure does!
bib says "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
Here she is with mommy in her "Whooooo's Sleepy?" pjs (this one is for you Kristin McLendon!) Also, notice mommy's new haircut. She was tired of a ponytail everyday so she cut it so she would have to fix it daily! (shhhh, it's actually easier this way, but don't tell)
Close up of "Whoooo's Sleepy?"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

RJ update for Saturday

Newest update on baby RJ:

Happy 2 week birthday R.J! Daddy sang happy birthday to him this morning at the hospital. It has been a long couple of days, but much progress. It feels like a whirlwind now, but we are thankful for it all! Our little boy continues to amaze us at his strength. We pray over him continually and that his endurance withstands everything against him.

Thursday afternoon the doctor in Monroe did not want to wait until Tuesday for the surgeon from Sherevport to come and evaluate his tummy condition, so he thought it best to airlift him to Christus Schumpert Children's Hospital in Shreveport where the surgeon was. When the team got there to take him to Shreveport they said they would take him by ambulance since he wasn't in critical condition. That relieved our hearts so much. I told that R.J. that he has been well traveled in his first few weeks than I ever was. Daddy was able to meet him at Schumpert Hospital while Nana drove me to Shreveport. We finally got to meet with the doctor and surgeon at 10 that night after he was settled in and evaluated. They said no surgery right now, we will try to wait things out and monitor. He was put on a ventilator since he was forgetting to breathe when he would be sleeping.

This morning's update was good as well. We are praying for 2 good days of good news. Yesterday was good and today has been good so far! He has a massive bowel movement yesterday which was really good. Today he had another bowel movement and that continues to prove that everything is running course appropriately. He is given a suppository a day to help strengthen his colon if that happens to be underdeveloped right now. His oxygen is at 40% because of his apnea(forgetting to breathe). He hasn't had to recieve blood in 24 hours so that is great. His heart rate has done great. There are no tubes going down through his tummy, so that infection continues to look better each day. He is on three antibiotics still and docs want them to run their course before we take action as far as surgery or lots of testing. His tummy continues to get better day by day. Still not where it needs to be, but better. Secretions are not a problem so far. Tummy looks better a little at a time. Still airy, but working on it. His jaundice has returned, so he got his tanning bed shades again. He has grown an inch in 2 weeks and is back to his birth weight. Docs want to monitor and let antibiotics run through before doing anything. So no milk at least until Thursday if tummy is okay by then. He is doing great. They have given him a little medicine to sedate him since his arms were being restrained again. He was yanking his tubes out again. He is a feisty little thing, but that is a great thing! He is such a strong little man that we are so blessed to call son! He amazes us each day that he changes and grows. Continue to pray for that tummy of his and for his strength! He is doing such a good job! We are so proud of him! Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this time! We are so humbled by the generosity and blessings of God's people and Godly wisdom given to us during this time. We can't thank you enough for everything! We just simply say thank you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ruthie turns 4 months old!

Ruthie turned 4 months old yesterday. Time is just flying by! Today we went to the dr. and she is 11 lbs and 13 oz (15th percentile), 23 inches long (12th percentile), and her head circumference is 40 cm (25th percentile). She is almost double her birth weight-only 13 oz to go! Here are pics from her 4 month photo shoot!

TUTU Cute!
I think she was tired of pictures...just a few more
Seriously mom!

Where did Cinderella go?

again with the pictures!
Falling over- she can only sit up for a few minutes and then over she goes!
looking at daddy over to the left
This week Matt and I were finishing up classes so Amy, Mark, and the boys came to the rescue for a few minutes so we could go to the Library. Izzie did too the night before, but she didn't leave picks like Amy and Mark and the boys. Here are some pics from their evening.

Matt and I are finished with classes. We both turned in all of our work and are just resting now. Hopefully I can get a little break before summer classes start in 3 weeks! Matt will finish up in the fall and so will I and then....GRADUATION in Dec! Hooray!

In the 3rd month Ruthie:
1. is giggling and smiling all the time.
2. loves Elvis and particularly "Hunk o Burning Love" which is the only song that immediately calms her down! hilarious!
3. is batting at things and following thing with her eyes and looks when she hears noises. She even knows Momma and Daddy's voices and it is pretty awesome.
4. still loving the swing!
5. had first cereal.
6. still hating tummy time and is not turning over, but no worries, I'm sure she will get there in the 4th month!
7. loves her bunny from Aunt Micki and her blankie from the Daughtry-Grubbs.
8.is sitting up with some support and holding her head up really well. She is getting so very strong.
9. getting on a routine finally and sleeping for at least 5 hours at night. She is even napping most of the time in her bed. a routine is great for the family too and frees momma and daddy up for some evening time alone!
10. is loved so much by momma, daddy, and even Maggie now!

RJ Update: RJ is headed to Shreveport to get some help from a special surgeon for his tummy. More on that tomorrow when I get an update!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rj update for Monday

This past weekend we were in TN. You would think we got lots of pics but we didn't. Other people did, but I didn't get a single one. Maybe I can round a few up in the next few days. Also, due to the craziness of the weekend, I did not update about RJ. Here is one though for tonight:

We spoke with the doctor about noon this morning. R.J.'s tummy was looking better, but still some coloring in the secretions, so maybe milk Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. He doesn't want to push the milk and cause worse damage to his tummy. I agree totally with him even though my heart crushes each day he can't have it. I know his tummy needs to be in the absolute best shape to accept this milk and the doctors are very closely watching it. I trust them completely. His oxygen level was bumped up to 24%, which that fluctuates each day, but lungs getting stronger each day.

We had a new hurdle today. His heartbeat dropped a few times during the night and his breathing was getting harder. The nurse said that sometimes it drops and they just forget to breathe, but through the night, they would have to stimulate him by rubbing his tummy or back to remind him to breathe. They say this is normal. So, the best solution they wanted to try was to give him blood through an iv in his foot. They said they have been surprised that someone his size hasn't needed before now. He was getting 12cc of blood to build up his oxygen level and strengthen his heartbeat. They said sometimes it just takes 12cc and sometimes it takes more doses. By the afternoon meeting with the doctor he had already had 4 hours of his dosage and said his heartbeat had not dropped since he was given blood. This was building up his red blood cells. They said it was strengthening his breaths as well. This was an unexpected hurdle after an awesome day yesterday. We know it will be a rollercoaster ride with good days and not so good days, but it stung today. Also, they had to take the courtesy room for someone in a more needed situation within the same hour of the morning diagnoisis. My emotionals were so low. It was tough, but I know that tomorrow is a new day. I trust in the safety of our son even though leaving him today was hard. We trust and know that the Lord is with us and especially our son every step of the way whether it is forward or backward each day. We are learning to take each step day by day. We ask that you pray for his heart beat, his breathing, and that little tummy still so that milk will eventually start putting weight on him. . .but all in God's timing.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday update on RJ

I tried all day to blog about RJ, but Blogger was down yesterday so here is Thursday's update:
"R.J. has made so much progress just in a day and a half. He is breathing completely on his own, by that I mean taking breaths on his own. Oxygen is being pumped through a nose tube for him, but they have decreased that from 35% to 25% in a day. That means he is taking 75% of oxygen in own his own. His lungs get stronger day by day. His coloring is remarkable! He has a normal flesh color. He may look blue or pink in pictures, but that is due to the light he is under. The biggest concern right now continues to be his stomach. Docs say it is very common in premature babies. They have suctioned some fluid off his tummy and are working with a doctor in Shreveport to know the next steps. They are taking xrays of his tummy each day and evaluating each day. They're still not sure if it is bloating, gas, reaction to milk, or premature digestion system. They have stopped feeding him milk for four days until they can find a solution. He is getting nutrients and sugar water through the tube in his tummy, so he's not going without. We are taking each step day by day letting the Lord carry us through. As far as weight, doctor said yesterday that he lost some weight, but that again is common and good for his situation. He's released some fluid from tummy and it's not looking as bloated. Please pray for that tummy. We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we ask and plead for your prayers. He is our little miracle son and he has been prayed over and prayed over, but if you could add R.J. Freeling to your prayer list at church, we need all the prayers we can for his little body right now! As for me, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I am on blood pressure medicine for 6 weeks which is normal for this HELLP Syndrome, usually the last to level out. Enzymes, platelets, and liver were all at normal marks again yesterday. Praise God! We have a courtesy room at the hospital where we can go and come as we please. R.J. is right down the hall, so he is helping me recooperate by getting me out of bed when I don't want too! Thank you all for being the family and friends that has been so supportive to us over the years and thank you for all you continue to do for my family and me. The visits, food, cards, calls, gifts, and texts have been so humbling in this time of need. We love each of you!"

Also, today I found out that my bosses from Lee's bookstore (the text book store I worked at in college), their son died early this morning after a 10 year battle with cancer. Jake Miller was 17 years old. Please pray for Lee, Kim, Kala, Luke (his twin brother), and the rest of their family as they grieve the loss of their son, brother, grandchild, nephew, cousin, and friend.

My goodness those are some heart breaking things are they. On a more happy note. Matt's cousin, Rand, is graduating from high school this weekend so we are spending the weekend in TN at the river! Fun times! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to share when we get back home!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on Baby RJ

This is an update from RJ's momma. This is straight from her facebook:

"Most know I've been sick this last week and couldn't figure out why. I finally went to the Lincoln General ER Friday night about 12:30. My blood pressure was high, so they called for an ambulance from St. Francis. While Scott went home to get some clothes before we went to St. Francis Medical he got calls from the nurses and doctor on call in Ruston. They told him that basically my liver and kidneys were trying to collapse. They said I had severe preclampsia. They said I didn't do or eat anything wrong during this time, but was a diagnoisis. They were able to get a steroid shot in me in Ruston to help little R.J.'s lungs have a chance. I didn't know anything about how severely sick I was. I was just worried about him.When we got to St. Francis the doctor said I had a rare case of HELLP syndrome from this preclampsia. HELLP stands for hemolysis, elevated liver and enzymes, and low platelets. He said 2 pregnant women out of 1,000 get diagnosed with this, but it's very rare. My abs, back, and stomach had been hurting so bad due to I thought throwing up, but my body vitals were trying to shut down. The only option was to take R.J. and his chances of survival were very high. His heart beat in Ruston and Monroe never changed, very strong, and continued kicking the whole time. I know this was God reassuring me that His hands were all over us. When we arrived in Monroe everything was so rushed, they had to perform an emergency C-section and put me to sleep since he was so little. I went to sleep crying and praying that the Lord protect R.J. and make his lungs strong even in these last few minutes and to protect me as well. When I awoke at 4:30 A.M. just four hours after going to the Ruston ER, Scott and I had a son, not in our timing, but in God's timing. They've been monitoring all my vitals and slowly, but surely these will be restored to their normal settings. As far as our son, he was born 3 months ahead of time, but with a very strong heart and will. He was 14 and a half inches long. He weighed 2 pounds and 8 1/2 ounces. His coloring keeps getting better and better each time we see him. We can't be more blessed by the staff and doctors here taking care of him and me. He has a feeding tube from his umbilical cord and is on a respirator. He is under a light. The biggest concern right now is his stomach. Docs say it is very common in premature babies. They have suctioned some fluid off his tummy and are working with a doctor in Shreveport to know the next steps. They're not sure if it is bloating, gas, reaction to milk, or premature digestion system. They have stopped fedding him milk for four days until they can find a solution. Please pray for that tummy. We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we ask and plead for your prayers. He is our little miracle son and he has been prayed over and prayed over, but if you could add R.J. Freeling to your prayer list at church, we need all the prayers we can for his little body right now! Thank you all for being the family and friends that has been so supportive to us over the years and thank you for all you continue to do for my family and me. The visits, cards, calls, gifts, and texts have been so humbling in this time of need. I love each of you!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Prayer Request for baby RJ

This is RJ Freeling. He was born this past Friday and is the first child of my friends Holly and Scott. Holly was a bridesmaid in our wedding and was a close friend of mine in college. Holly was only 6 months pregnant when she got sick with preclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section to deliver baby RJ and save both their lives. He was 2 lbs 8 ounces and 14 1/2 inches long at birth. They both seem to be doing great based on info from facebook and Holly's sister, Sarah. Just keep them both and Scott in your prayers if you think of it. I know they would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and I will update when I know more!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day

Today, we celebrated Mother's day. This year though, I got to be the center of attention and it was so much fun! Last year I was technically a mother b/c my sweet baby girl was already growing in my belly, we just didn't know it yet. But this year she is here to be with her momma! It started last night when Matt gave me this cook book. It is the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. You can get most of the recipes online, but the cookbook has pictures and stories and is so cool! I love it. Then this morning I awoke to breakfast in bed. Matt made breakfast burritos that are in my new cookbook! It was delicious! Then he and Ruthie gave me the beautiful picture frame with Ruthie's pic and her hands and feet prints! It is so adorable and priceless!
Then we headed to church and we got this picture when we got home.

After this, we went to Asuka Japanese Steak house and to see a movie. We saw "Something Borrowed". It was ok, but I don't recommend it. Then we went for happy hour at Starbucks for 1/2 price frapps. When we got home we took a family walk and then just spent time hanging out together. It was a wonderful day! I enjoyed every minute of it and am so thankful for my beautiful, smart, fun daughter and my thoughtful, loving husband.
Now for a few pics of the kid.

She was tired
The Groths gave this little outfit to Ruthie and she can just now wear it so I snapped a pic for them (especially CJ and Madelyn).
HAHAHAHAHA, she was shocked by the flash
Grinning and look at that chubby face!
Found the thumb