Friday, May 27, 2011

RJ updates

May 26th update and pic:

Rj was taken off ventilator 2day! has nose tube getting 34% oxygen. under jaundice light. has secretions from tummy again. keepn suctionin tube n til mornin. replacn it with monitorin tube tmrw. wait 2 days 2 c how tummy does. go from there as far as feeding. praising god for his accomplishments 2day! pray 4 tummy!

May 27th update:

R.J. had a great night last night. The nurse said he only had two spells where he stopped breathing for a bit. He is doing great off the ventilator! We are rejiocing in that. They bumped his oxygen down to 30%. So he is starting to get stronger and stronger with those lungs. We are so proud of our little man! The secretions are very few now and a normal color. Doc wants to take out suctioning tube today and replace with a monitoring tube to see how that tummy does. Nurse said he would lose a few ounces since he is breathing on his own and burning more calories now. Nurse said he had a really good night, so we are very thankful! We are even more thankful that we get to spend the weekend over there near the hospital with our baby boy coming and going! It brings a smile to our face to get to spend lots of time with him! Keep praying for him and that tummy situation and stronger lungs! He's getting there through God's grace alone!

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