Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on Baby RJ

This is an update from RJ's momma. This is straight from her facebook:

"Most know I've been sick this last week and couldn't figure out why. I finally went to the Lincoln General ER Friday night about 12:30. My blood pressure was high, so they called for an ambulance from St. Francis. While Scott went home to get some clothes before we went to St. Francis Medical he got calls from the nurses and doctor on call in Ruston. They told him that basically my liver and kidneys were trying to collapse. They said I had severe preclampsia. They said I didn't do or eat anything wrong during this time, but was a diagnoisis. They were able to get a steroid shot in me in Ruston to help little R.J.'s lungs have a chance. I didn't know anything about how severely sick I was. I was just worried about him.When we got to St. Francis the doctor said I had a rare case of HELLP syndrome from this preclampsia. HELLP stands for hemolysis, elevated liver and enzymes, and low platelets. He said 2 pregnant women out of 1,000 get diagnosed with this, but it's very rare. My abs, back, and stomach had been hurting so bad due to I thought throwing up, but my body vitals were trying to shut down. The only option was to take R.J. and his chances of survival were very high. His heart beat in Ruston and Monroe never changed, very strong, and continued kicking the whole time. I know this was God reassuring me that His hands were all over us. When we arrived in Monroe everything was so rushed, they had to perform an emergency C-section and put me to sleep since he was so little. I went to sleep crying and praying that the Lord protect R.J. and make his lungs strong even in these last few minutes and to protect me as well. When I awoke at 4:30 A.M. just four hours after going to the Ruston ER, Scott and I had a son, not in our timing, but in God's timing. They've been monitoring all my vitals and slowly, but surely these will be restored to their normal settings. As far as our son, he was born 3 months ahead of time, but with a very strong heart and will. He was 14 and a half inches long. He weighed 2 pounds and 8 1/2 ounces. His coloring keeps getting better and better each time we see him. We can't be more blessed by the staff and doctors here taking care of him and me. He has a feeding tube from his umbilical cord and is on a respirator. He is under a light. The biggest concern right now is his stomach. Docs say it is very common in premature babies. They have suctioned some fluid off his tummy and are working with a doctor in Shreveport to know the next steps. They're not sure if it is bloating, gas, reaction to milk, or premature digestion system. They have stopped fedding him milk for four days until they can find a solution. Please pray for that tummy. We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we ask and plead for your prayers. He is our little miracle son and he has been prayed over and prayed over, but if you could add R.J. Freeling to your prayer list at church, we need all the prayers we can for his little body right now! Thank you all for being the family and friends that has been so supportive to us over the years and thank you for all you continue to do for my family and me. The visits, cards, calls, gifts, and texts have been so humbling in this time of need. I love each of you!"


Ginger said...

I'm praying for Holly, Sara Beth. This whole thing is so heart-breaking, even in the midst of God's amazing healing power. I can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions she must be experiencing. I'll continue to check your blog for updates.

The Troutman's said...

Oh my! I am praying for sure!