Saturday, May 21, 2011

RJ update for Saturday

Newest update on baby RJ:

Happy 2 week birthday R.J! Daddy sang happy birthday to him this morning at the hospital. It has been a long couple of days, but much progress. It feels like a whirlwind now, but we are thankful for it all! Our little boy continues to amaze us at his strength. We pray over him continually and that his endurance withstands everything against him.

Thursday afternoon the doctor in Monroe did not want to wait until Tuesday for the surgeon from Sherevport to come and evaluate his tummy condition, so he thought it best to airlift him to Christus Schumpert Children's Hospital in Shreveport where the surgeon was. When the team got there to take him to Shreveport they said they would take him by ambulance since he wasn't in critical condition. That relieved our hearts so much. I told that R.J. that he has been well traveled in his first few weeks than I ever was. Daddy was able to meet him at Schumpert Hospital while Nana drove me to Shreveport. We finally got to meet with the doctor and surgeon at 10 that night after he was settled in and evaluated. They said no surgery right now, we will try to wait things out and monitor. He was put on a ventilator since he was forgetting to breathe when he would be sleeping.

This morning's update was good as well. We are praying for 2 good days of good news. Yesterday was good and today has been good so far! He has a massive bowel movement yesterday which was really good. Today he had another bowel movement and that continues to prove that everything is running course appropriately. He is given a suppository a day to help strengthen his colon if that happens to be underdeveloped right now. His oxygen is at 40% because of his apnea(forgetting to breathe). He hasn't had to recieve blood in 24 hours so that is great. His heart rate has done great. There are no tubes going down through his tummy, so that infection continues to look better each day. He is on three antibiotics still and docs want them to run their course before we take action as far as surgery or lots of testing. His tummy continues to get better day by day. Still not where it needs to be, but better. Secretions are not a problem so far. Tummy looks better a little at a time. Still airy, but working on it. His jaundice has returned, so he got his tanning bed shades again. He has grown an inch in 2 weeks and is back to his birth weight. Docs want to monitor and let antibiotics run through before doing anything. So no milk at least until Thursday if tummy is okay by then. He is doing great. They have given him a little medicine to sedate him since his arms were being restrained again. He was yanking his tubes out again. He is a feisty little thing, but that is a great thing! He is such a strong little man that we are so blessed to call son! He amazes us each day that he changes and grows. Continue to pray for that tummy of his and for his strength! He is doing such a good job! We are so proud of him! Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this time! We are so humbled by the generosity and blessings of God's people and Godly wisdom given to us during this time. We can't thank you enough for everything! We just simply say thank you!

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