Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

The Stouts took a break from school and work for 10 days and traveled. Below are pictures of our Christmas tree and complete Nativity set! We also exchanged presents before we left for our 10 day road trip. Matt got me a 1 cup coffee maker that is really fun to use, and I gave Matt art supplies for drawing his comic and some nerd rope.
We left the Friday before Christmas and headed to Macon where we had lots of family time. We then headed to Knoxville late on the Tuesday before Christmas and enjoyed some more family time with Matt's parents. Below are lots of pictures from Matt's parents b/c we got a new camera and went camera crazy! Enjoy! And Have a Wonderful and Blessed New Year!

Our Christmas Tree

Our Nativity Set

Matt and all of his wonderful art supplies that his amazing wife gave him.

Sara Beth and her fun new toy that her amazing husband gave her.

Matt enjoying my new toy!

Matt's parents tree

Matt's parents tree all lit up!

Matt with Buster and Lizzy!

Matt and me in front of the tree!

Me with Lizzy ( I promise she loves me and wasn't scared at all).

Me and Sarah

Sarah and Kathy

Sarah, Micki (Kathy's sister), Gran (Kathy's mom), Kathy (Matt's mom)

Sarah, Gran, Matt, and the puppies

And finally Sarah, Matt, Buster, and Lizzy!

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is what we woke up to!

This was the 3rd time it snowed this week. It snowed Sunday when we were on our way to church, Monday all afternoon and evening, and then last night. The snow last night was the first time the snow this week actually stuck. I realize it isn't a lot of snow, but this is just not something that happens often in GA, so we were both very excited.
People keep assuring us that it is not normal for it to snow this early here in KY!
Next on the list...learn how to turn on the pilot light before we freeze to death.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday and other stuff

Last Thursday and Friday we celebrated my birthday! It was so much fun and my husband bought me Grey's season 4. He knows exactly what I like. He also took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, thanks to my mom. I also got to do a little shopping. I bought some new sweaters because it is cold here and will only continue to get colder. I also bought a new purse. We ended the night watching The Office and Grey's!
On Friday night, our small group through me a party and I felt so loved. We have some great friends here in Wilmore. We just hung out and ate some great food. It was relaxing and fun.
Also on Thursday night, I got a phone call that I had recieved the babysitting job, and that was a wonderful present. I will be starting that job in February. In the mean time I will be working a little at Tastebuds and babysitting for some others.
Matt and I are so blessed and loving life. We hope to see many of you over the next 2 months over Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I knew I forgot something

Here are a few pictures I forgot to post:

This is a picture of the tree outside of our apartment. All of the trees are changing around here and it is beautiful!

Here is the new addition to our family...Duncan! Matt's bosses at Tastebuds had to give him away and said they will provide the food and litter if we will just keep him so we are. He is a great cat and doesn't do much but sleep so it is great. We love him.

Here is our new family picture!

Updates...I'm horrible at blogging

So October has been a good month for the Stouts. We have pushed through mid terms and are headed fast towards FINALS! I thought I would let everyone in on our past month and show you some pictures of our Halloween.

This is Matt enjoying a nice cup of hot apple cider! Doesn't he look so happy!

This is Matt with our friends Jonathon and Mark enjoying some wonderful cider and conversation.

This is me with Missy also enjoying the cider and some homemade candy corn looking cookies.

Matt is having lots of fun carving his pumpkin! A little scary!

These are our finished products. Matt's pumpkin is sad b/c he was going to do a cut out of Abraham Lincoln but it didn't work.
Here are all the pumpkins that were carved that night.

This is Matt (the Tin Man)and me (the Cowardly Lion), with our friends Amy (Dorothy), Matt (the Scarecrow), Gary (the Wizard), and Mrs. Francis (the Witch). We dressed up and gave out candy to a million kids in downtown Wilmore. It was lots of fun and we felt like celebrities. Everyone kept coming up to us and asking us if they could take a picture of us with their kids.

Now it is November and there will be lots of traveling and excitement in the next 2 months. I am currently looking for a job that is more compatable with school so if you will all be praying about that the Stout's would greatly appreciate it. God has been amazing and has already opened some doors, but there isn't anything concret YET! There will be though!

Hope all of you are well and we look forward to hopefully seeing many of you over the next 2 months. And I promise to be more faithful to writing.
Love, The Stouts

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Anniversary

We had our first Anniversary today. It was so wonderful and we got to celebrate for 2 full days. Yesterday we just rested and a did a little school work all day and then went out for dinner and ran a few errands. Today we woke up and give each other our gifts. Below is a picture of what we gave each other. This year is the paper anniversary so Matt gave me a year subscription to my favorite magazine and a rose that looks like our wedding roses. I was really excited! I gave Matt tickets to the new Star Wars Movie, Clone Wars, a month and a half ago, so today I gave him a framed picture of us the night we went to the movie and the ticket stubs. We then spent the rest of the day hanging out and getting some much needed rest and NO SCHOOL WORK! Around 5pm we went to a nice dinner at the Japanese Steak House and below is a picture our friend Heather took of us before we left. I told the waitress when we got to dinner that it was our first anniversary and the rest of the night they treated us so well and gave us with free drinks and dessert. Next we came home and ate some cake (not the top of our wedding cake, it smelled funny) and had some raspberry lemonade. I took our our topper and put it on the cake, we used our server set, and drank from our wedding glasses. Then we danced to some Norah Jones (our first dance). Now we are just watching "Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother", and "Heroes". Also I spent most of the day in my veil and tiara. I figure I can get away with it today...I love my veil and tiara...It makes me feel like a princess. Also I love my husband b/c he makes me feel like a princess! This past year has been amazing and even more exciting than I could have ever imagined and I have the most wonderful husband in the universe! Enjoy the pictures and thank you for letting me share our special day with all of you!

The night we went to the Star Wars Movie

The presents we gave each other

Our cake and lemonade...they were very yummy!

the two of us before dinner

PS It may be a while before either of us gets around to writing new blogs anytime soon with school and all, but we will do our best!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jobs and School

Hey guys,
It has been a crazy month. I am just going to list all the things that have happened in the last month:
1. We have gotten to see Matt's parents a good bit since moving here. I think we are up to 3. We went once in June, then for the Fourth of July for Norris Day, and then they came for a short visit last weekend. It has been great being so close.
2. I miss my family.
3. Matt is still looking for a job. He has had a few interviews and will be having 2 next week. We know it will come in time but are getting a little anxious.
4. I finally sold a wedding gown. Actually I sold 3! I also had my best day at work last Saturday. I sold 2 wedding gowns, 11 tuxes, invitations for a wedding, and a few other things. I sold double my goal for the day. It definitely helped to boost my confidence that I am competent and capable of doing my job.
5. I started class Aug 4th for a 2 week intensive course. I have 4 tests and 3 papers in 2 weeks. I made an A on my first test and am about to finish my first paper. (This is my attempt to take a break.) I am really enjoying my class and can't wait to learn even more and start counseling!
6. Matt and I are really excited (Matt a little more) about the Olympics beginning tonight. GO USA! We will be having a small party to watch the Opening Ceremonies in a few hours.
7. Matt is busy right now preparing for class to start in a few weeks. There is a lot of reading for his classes so he is getting a head start. We are trying to have as little procrastination in this house as possible. We will see how long that lasts.
I think that is it. I promise to try to blog more often!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New jobs and new friends

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while but lots has happened. Where to start? Well we have been married for 9 months and it has just flown by. It is just hard to believe we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in less than 3 months. Amazing!!
Well today I, Sara Beth, started my new job at Wedding Wonderland. If you don't know already I really love weddings, planning weddings, looking at wedding stuff, and anything to do with weddings. I would say this is the best job ever for Sara Beth Stout! It is really a blessing financially and really just in general. I really enjoyed my first day checking out the inventory, showing brides and bridesmaids all we have and serving them, and cleaning even.
Matt is hopefully getting a job at the public library and is going to work a little at Tastebuds Diner where I previously worked. He is excited about the new opportunities and most importantly the idea of not working at Walmart ANYMORE!!!! And so is his wife! We will have much more time together since Matt will be working more normal hours rather than 4-11 pm Tues, Wed, and Fri- Sun. Hooray!!
We have also found a wonderful new church family...Great Commission Fellowship (GCF). We love the worship music, the sermons, and the people. We have made some wonderful friends also. Matt Grubbs and I worked at Tastebuds together and he invited us to go to church with him and his wife, Amy. They then introduced us to Jonathon and Missy Bevil and Mike and Val Wooton. Jonathon invited Matt over for cards, which made Matt very happy, and Jonathon introduced Matt to our other new friends Mark and Janie Michelson. It has been great just to be around young couples who are all newly married (they all got married last July) and in the same or at least similar places in life as The Stouts!
Well I have one more thing to add...I have a wonderful husband who brought me home some beautiful flowers the other night JUST BECAUSE!! Thanks Kathy and Steve for raising such a wonderful man that I can proudly call my husband.
Thanks for reading and we will try to update more often.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Walkthrough of our House (OK, it's an apartment)

Alright, guys we are finally unpacked and cleaned up enough to show folks pictures of our new apartment. It's great. We really like it here. I'm gonna show you some pictures of it as if you were walking through it, thus the walkthrough promised in the title. Without further ado, here is the outside of our apartment.You can see our little satellite dish there on the bottom, and you can see my legs in our door right under the stairs.
Here's the door to our apartment. Unfortunately the wreath at the bottom there will not hang very successfully on our door, and we kept our cute doormat from Valdosta.
When you walk in the door, this is more or less what you see. We've got the chair in the corner and the couch on the left and the entertainment center on the right. Another chair is in the right hand corner. Here are some other angles.
Turning to the leftTurning to the right.
Turning back around looking at the front door. You can see the DVD collection over there in the corner, which turns out was a nice place for it. I wasn't happy about it at first, but now I like it. Moving on!
Right around the corner is our kitchen! The fridge is over to the left and you can't see it here, but it's way bigger than our old kitchen, if you ever saw that. It has lots of outlets to plug our appliances into, and lots of counter space to put our appliances on.
Here's a better view of our kitchen table and phone and pantry. It was nice to have a dining room in our old house and we don't have one here, so the kitchen table was a little bit of a problem. It's really more like a breakfast nook. It's cute.
Moving on, here is the hallway that leads to the rest of our apartment! To the right is the bathroom.
Not much to see here, it's a little small but it's still way bigger and better than our old one. Down at the end of the hall in that room that was open, there is my little room, which I like to call the Fortress of Solitude.
There's my Star Wars collection on the left, along with our books, and my desk goes in the corner.
To the right is my closet, along with the futon. You can see my friends Watto and Elvis along with my sweet Yoda photo mosaic poster.
To the right of the futon is our laundry closet. It contains our washer and dryer along with our linens (since our apartment didn't have a linen closet) and our tools.
The last stop on our tour is the bedroom, which is the room on the left when looking down our hallway in the aforementioned picture, the one right next to that star.
That's pretty much what you see when you walk in. It's our bed with the picture we got on our honeymoon above it. Look, you can see my Garfield alarm clock on the other side!
Here's the other side of the room, with our TV and my dresser.

Well, thanks for coming to our house, even if it is just over the internet. I hope someday you guys can come and visit and see it in person! Until then, thanks for coming out and tell all your friends!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Moved In... Sort of

Well we are moved. We left at 6am Friday morning to head to Wilmore. My mom and sister helped us get to Dalton, GA and then Matt's parents helped get us the rest of the way to Wilmore. We finally get to Wilmore around 5pm, had dinner, and were off to bed by 10pm. The next day we spent all morning unloading the truck thanks to Matt's parents and Brett and Jessica Maddocks. We had lunch with Matt's parents, went to Walmart, returned the truck, and came back home to our new house to unpack. We are about 1/2 way done and are excited that we can finally walk through our house without running into too much stuff. Today we are spending the day cleaning, unpacking, and trying to get our address changed at the bank, insurance companies, and a few other places. Tomorrow the job search begins. We will keep you updated. Also here are our other new emails that you may be able to catch us at more often than the ones in the previous post:
Also here is a picture of our new house. We live in the apartment behind the stairs on the bottom.