Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday and other stuff

Last Thursday and Friday we celebrated my birthday! It was so much fun and my husband bought me Grey's season 4. He knows exactly what I like. He also took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, thanks to my mom. I also got to do a little shopping. I bought some new sweaters because it is cold here and will only continue to get colder. I also bought a new purse. We ended the night watching The Office and Grey's!
On Friday night, our small group through me a party and I felt so loved. We have some great friends here in Wilmore. We just hung out and ate some great food. It was relaxing and fun.
Also on Thursday night, I got a phone call that I had recieved the babysitting job, and that was a wonderful present. I will be starting that job in February. In the mean time I will be working a little at Tastebuds and babysitting for some others.
Matt and I are so blessed and loving life. We hope to see many of you over the next 2 months over Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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