Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Updates...I'm horrible at blogging

So October has been a good month for the Stouts. We have pushed through mid terms and are headed fast towards FINALS! I thought I would let everyone in on our past month and show you some pictures of our Halloween.

This is Matt enjoying a nice cup of hot apple cider! Doesn't he look so happy!

This is Matt with our friends Jonathon and Mark enjoying some wonderful cider and conversation.

This is me with Missy also enjoying the cider and some homemade candy corn looking cookies.

Matt is having lots of fun carving his pumpkin! A little scary!

These are our finished products. Matt's pumpkin is sad b/c he was going to do a cut out of Abraham Lincoln but it didn't work.
Here are all the pumpkins that were carved that night.

This is Matt (the Tin Man)and me (the Cowardly Lion), with our friends Amy (Dorothy), Matt (the Scarecrow), Gary (the Wizard), and Mrs. Francis (the Witch). We dressed up and gave out candy to a million kids in downtown Wilmore. It was lots of fun and we felt like celebrities. Everyone kept coming up to us and asking us if they could take a picture of us with their kids.

Now it is November and there will be lots of traveling and excitement in the next 2 months. I am currently looking for a job that is more compatable with school so if you will all be praying about that the Stout's would greatly appreciate it. God has been amazing and has already opened some doors, but there isn't anything concret YET! There will be though!

Hope all of you are well and we look forward to hopefully seeing many of you over the next 2 months. And I promise to be more faithful to writing.
Love, The Stouts

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