Monday, January 23, 2012

Ruthie's One Year Photos Sneak Peek

If you click on the link you will be able to see a sneak peek of Ruthie's one year photos. Stephanie was at Ruthie's 1st birthday party to take pics and then took some pictures of Ruthie, our family, and the guests with Ruthie at the party. So, that means that Matt and I did not take a single picture and relied fully on Stephanie to take all the pictures so we don't have any to show. As soon as someone else loads some and Stephanie finishes editing there will be more. In the mean time enjoy these 2 pictures and be excited b/c the rest will be awesome if these 2 are any indication of the greatness of the photos! 
So excited for more to come!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Matt's 28th Birthday!

Today, my wonderful husband and best father in the world turned 28 today. Ruthie and I got him a "Dinosaur Comics" book and a new pirate coffee mug and then surprised him with breakfast in bed!
We went out to dinner at Five Guys and then Orange Leaf for dessert. We came home just in time to put Ruthie to bed and have a relaxing evening at home together! It was great to be able to just enjoy each others company!
I am thankful for my loving, caring, handsome husband and for being able to have him as the father of our child. I enjoy laughing and talking and even parenting with him and wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else, but you!!!! I love you, Matt Stout, and Happy 28th Birthday. Only one more birthday left that you can say "at least I am not in my 30s" so enjoy it!!!!

Ruthie's Year in Review

Ruthie within minutes of being born
 Ruthie at one day old
 One Month Old
 Two Months Old
 Three Months Old
 Four Months Old
 Five Months Old
 Six Months Old
 Seven Months Old
 Eight Months Old
 Nine Months Old
 Ten Months Old
 Eleven Months Old
 And Finally, Our One Year Old Baby Girl!

Ruthie's First Birthday- Part 1

Yesterday was Ruthie's First Birthday! She woke up at 5:30 and we went in and sang her "Happy Birthday" and then I fed her. We spent the morning just laying around and then she opened her presents.

Ruthie playing with the Wii drums.
 Here are her Elvis Dress and Doll
 Here is Ruthie opening her presents

 After, Ruthie's morning nap, we went to see Matt at work and spend her birth minute together and then have lunch. After lunch, Ruthie and I went to her one year dr. appointment (tomorrow we go for her shots). We then came home and Ruthie refused to take an afternoon nap (this is happening a lot lately, any suggestions to help from some parents b/c this is not cool!)
So instead of a nap, we took pictures in the chair. Here they are:

Watching daddy at the door

It's the Birthday Girl!
 There's Cinderella!

 still sporting the Faux Hawk

 Lilly came for the photo shoot
 and there is Chewie

 Reading her favorite book "Mama, Where Are You?"
 tired baby girl

 "Momma, can we just finish?"

 There's that smile! So beautiful and so many teeth- 12 to be exact!
 Daddy and Ruthie loving on each other!
 Elvis Mr. Potato Head from the Bevils. We sure do miss them!
 Ruthie enjoying her birthday supper. Lasagna is what I fixed her b/c that is one of her favorites!
This month, Ruthie:
Is weighing in at 17 lbs and 8 oz (4th percentile), is 27 inches long (4th percentile), and has a head circumference of 44.6 cm (36th percentile). Still got a big head for a petite body! 
Learned to kiss and hug! This is possibly my favorite thing she has learned so far. I love hugs and kisses and so it warms my heart when I say hug give me a hug and she puts her head on my chest and loves on me! Best. Hug. Ever. (don't tell my husband...)
Is cruising everywhere and getting into everything! 
Is eating lots of table food and has gotten down to only 2 breast feedings a day. I did not expect to be so sad about not breast feeding, but it is also freeing.
Is not sleeping well during the day. She is still waking up at 5 am! I think we just have an early riser, that is ok, I just need to go to bed earlier. Her morning nap is around 8:30 and lasts for 1.5 hours usually. The afternoon nap is not always happening. we are working on that. Is it too early to drop to only one nap? I hope not. Please leave a comment if you have any advice or encouragement about this issue!!!!
Is still wearing a few 9 month clothes, but mostly 12 month clothes. 
Is not walking just yet, but can stand for about 3 to 4 seconds at a time and even sometimes as long at 10 seconds. Her balancing is really great so I think she will start walking in the next few weeks or at most 2 months. 
Is turning the pages in books when you read to her and will even sit with a book and turn the pages and "read" out loud to us. So cute!
loves food still! Her favorite foods are spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, yogurt, fries, and mashed potatoes. She however does not like cow's milk. We have to figure that one out since we are weaning from nursing to milk. Help?!?
Has her 12th tooth cutting through. It is a left, bottom molar. Crazy! 12 teeth by 12 months old!
Loves meeting people and being around others as much as possible. She is also fearless and when in the nursery at school wants to do all the stuff that the bigger toddlers are doing. She falls and gets back up like it was no big deal. She is fearless and independent, but is also so loving and social!
Is such a happy baby which makes it so easy being her momma (and daddy). I cannot believe that she is now a year old. It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her into our house for the first time. 

We love you so much Ruthie! Thank you for being our baby girl and loving us! We are so happy you are ours!