Monday, September 22, 2008

First Anniversary

We had our first Anniversary today. It was so wonderful and we got to celebrate for 2 full days. Yesterday we just rested and a did a little school work all day and then went out for dinner and ran a few errands. Today we woke up and give each other our gifts. Below is a picture of what we gave each other. This year is the paper anniversary so Matt gave me a year subscription to my favorite magazine and a rose that looks like our wedding roses. I was really excited! I gave Matt tickets to the new Star Wars Movie, Clone Wars, a month and a half ago, so today I gave him a framed picture of us the night we went to the movie and the ticket stubs. We then spent the rest of the day hanging out and getting some much needed rest and NO SCHOOL WORK! Around 5pm we went to a nice dinner at the Japanese Steak House and below is a picture our friend Heather took of us before we left. I told the waitress when we got to dinner that it was our first anniversary and the rest of the night they treated us so well and gave us with free drinks and dessert. Next we came home and ate some cake (not the top of our wedding cake, it smelled funny) and had some raspberry lemonade. I took our our topper and put it on the cake, we used our server set, and drank from our wedding glasses. Then we danced to some Norah Jones (our first dance). Now we are just watching "Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother", and "Heroes". Also I spent most of the day in my veil and tiara. I figure I can get away with it today...I love my veil and tiara...It makes me feel like a princess. Also I love my husband b/c he makes me feel like a princess! This past year has been amazing and even more exciting than I could have ever imagined and I have the most wonderful husband in the universe! Enjoy the pictures and thank you for letting me share our special day with all of you!

The night we went to the Star Wars Movie

The presents we gave each other

Our cake and lemonade...they were very yummy!

the two of us before dinner

PS It may be a while before either of us gets around to writing new blogs anytime soon with school and all, but we will do our best!