Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ruthie and Sophie are BFFs

First, a few pictures of Ruthie being cute...

PJs from Papa and Nana Greene (my dad and step mom)

Onto the real reason for this post. Our friends, the Bevils, had a little girl, Sophia, a week after Ruthie was born. We went for our first play date today. Here are the pictures:

I got to hold Sophie (her name is Sophia, but we call her Sophie for short), she is precious!
Here are Missy and I holding each others daughters

The families
The girls hanging out

we took lots and lots of picture and video of the girls just laying there. Kinda crazy to think we made that much fuss over 2 little babies that just lay there, but you would understand if you were there to see all of the cuteness that was in one room!
Finally, we got home and Daddy and Ruthie decided to take a rest in the chair together. Aren't they just so cute? I love them!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some pictures from Ruthie's first week

Ruthie's Dr.'s appointment was canceled due to snow. I am tired of snow. I never thought I would say that, but I am.

Here are some pictures of Ruthie's first few days at home/first week of life.

Daddy holding Ruthie as we are preparing to leave the hospital. She did not care for this outfit and this outfit was entirely too big for her so she did not end up wearing it home. It's a cute outfit though!

She also did not like her car seat. She actually doesn't mind it before and after being harnessed in it, but the act of putting the harness on is not something that she likes!
Ruthie and Daddy hanging out
Ruthie likes laying Daddy's chest

My momma came for a day and here is Ruthie hanging out with her.
Ruthie snuggled up in her pack n play
Ruthie's first bath. She does not like baths.
Resting after the bath
Ruthie has long feet and her second toe is longer than her big toe just like her momma!
I do hang out with Ruthie too. I just spend most of my time feeding her and we don't want to display those kinds of pictures...
Look at that cute little lip and beautiful face!
Family portrait- Maggie is adjusting...

Ruthie likes her swing

Here is Ruthie with her Cinderella doll at 1 week old and Ruthie sleeping in her crib for one of her many naps. She sleeps in our room at night, but we want her to get used to her crib for when we transition to the crib at night so we let her sleep in there during the day. She seems to like it.

That's all for now. I'm headed to take a nap before Ruthie wakes up from hers.

our baby is a week old (and one day)

I planned to write and post pics yesterday, but it just got away from me. I can't believe my little baby is now a week old and a day. Time is just flying! I will post new pics and other stuff after we get back from the dr. today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt Stout!

With only 15 minutes left of his birthday, Matt Stout has drifted off to sleep and is already snoring!
For Matt's birthday he got a comic book of one of his favorite online comic strips and a certificate that shows that he is a member of the Lochness Monster Adventure club! He also got to change the first (of many) of Ruthie's dirty diapers and has hugged, swaddled, and burped his child all day. He is becoming a pro at the swaddling thing! However, most importantly God blessed us with our little girl the day before his birthday making this the most memorable birthday to date for him!
I am so happy that we are spending his birthday as a family of 3 and can't wait for all the ones that are to follow! It has been so much fun and I am so glad that he is who I get to raise this little one with!
So Happy Birthday, Matthew Steven Stout! We love you, that is Ruthie, Maggie, and me! Happy 27th and many many more!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ruth Sara Stout!

We welcomed Ruthie into the world January 18th at 11:02 weighing in at 6 lbs. 5.2 oz. and 17 and a half inches long. She is the most beautiful child her daddy and I have ever seen! Here are some pics...

Matt waiting to find out if they would admit me to the hospital

My husband says I look like Hagrid from Harry Potter in this one. Well, he changed and then said my outfit was like Hagrid's and that it was a good look for me so I wouldn't flash anyone!

Waiting...little did we know that after 5 hours of labor up to this point we still had about 16 more hours to go!
waiting until the next contraction
Baby Ruthie within seconds of entering the world!

baby and momma...just after birth, so no judging the hair or lack of grooming
One proud daddy!
Ruthie and I with our midwife, Nancy is wonderful!
Papa Stout and Ruth
Ruthie and Cinderella
More to come later!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Labor...yes we are!

yep, Labor has begun! we will be waiting a little while longer. that's all now. I'm going to go have a contraction...

40 weeks

Today is our due date. If we were still using our original due date I would be 11 days late! I'm still hoping that Ruthie decides to show up on her due date. I have 3 weeks until classes start back so it is very important that she arrives soon so that Matt and I can get a "routine" underway before trying to start the new semester. (I am aware that most mothers and fathers who read that last statement are laughing at me right now, but a girl can hope for the best!)

Here is what Babycenter and The Bump say about our child:

Babycenter: It's hard to say for sure how big your baby will be, but the average newborn weighs about 7 1/2 pounds (a small pumpkin) and is about 20 inches long. Her skull bones are not yet fused, which allows them to overlap a bit if it's a snug fit through the birth canal during labor. This so-called "molding" is the reason your baby's noggin may look a little conehead-ish after birth. Rest assured — it's normal and temporary. Note: Every baby develops a little differently — even in the womb. Our information is designed to give you a general idea of your baby's development.

The Bump: Baby's now the size of a watermelon!
As long as she's in your belly, baby's hair and nails will continue to grow, and her lungs will keep developing. She's anywhere from 5 to 11 pounds and is getting ready for a slightly gooey introduction any day now. (Upon arrival, baby will probably be covered in blood, vernix caseosa, lanugo, and amniotic fluid.)

That's all for now. When there is news, we will announce it on facebook and twitter as it is happening. We will update the blog also as we can, but facebook and twitter are just easier.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 39

Yep, we are at 39 weeks and nothing new here. We have the nursery ready. The floors are clean. Now we just wait (some more). Here is what the websites day about our progress:

Babycenter: Your baby's waiting to greet the world! She continues to build a layer of fat to help control her body temperature after birth, but it's likely she already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls[...let's hope so]). The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

The Bump: Baby's the size of a watermelon (again)!
Baby's brain is still developing rapidly, and her skin has taken on a paler shade thanks to a thicker layer of fat around the blood vessels. (Don't worry; she'll change color again soon after birth.) She's now able to flex her limbs, and her nails might extend past her fingertips.

Really nothing new. Just enjoying having some time off. Tomorrow a snow storm is supposed to hit and I will spend the day bathing Mags, calling the dr. office b/c I forgot when my appointment is and can't find the card, do some laundry, and just keep the house in order. Maybe I will play some Wii and do some sudoku (my 2 new favorite things) while I'm at it and take a nap.

Also, we will be posting on Facebook and Twitter and maybe here as progress is made during labor. Nothing too specific, but you will all know when sweet baby Ruthie arrives and if you want to know through text message please leave a comment that let's us know you want a text and with your phone # or send me an email ( with your phone # if I don't have it. I promise you will all be kept up to date as best as possible (at least by Matt since I might be in pain or something).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th

First, here is our latest puzzle. It was a fun one!
Next, we finished out the nursery! check it out!

Here is the mobile I have been wanting from the beginning. It is actually the decoration that made us want to decorate in pink and butterflies.
Also, you can see the new yellow gingham bed skirt.

Here are the new yellow gingham curtains.
Here you can see the beautiful cross that Billy and Clare sent us that says "Daughters are a gift form the Lord" and all the stuff set up for changing diapers. You can also see the baby swing that the Groths gave us! I love how God provides!

Here is a larger pic of the crib, rug, decorations, and chair
Finally, I made some hair bow holders (I'm not sure what to really call them). I got the idea from my friend, Sara Greenwood, and then tweaked it a little since I loved these little wooden shapes. I bought them for 67 cents each at Hobby Lobby and hot glued ribbon that I had collected from different presents and stuff to the back. I hung them with sticky foam pieces that I had from other projects. So it was a very inexpensive (and quick) project. Now I can hang all of Ruthie's bows and they are all easy to see and pick from, I just need to make more...
Close up of wooden shapes (the robot is for Ruthie's daddy).
As you can see the title of this post is Jan 6th, which is today, and is also our initial due date. She is still here and moving a lot. Momma and Daddy have both been sick the last 2 days with some kind of a cold or sinus problem. We are doing better, but seriously would have a hard time dealing with this and a new born so it is good that she has held off long enough for us to get this out of our systems.

Last night we went to breastfeeding class and it was informative. I am hoping it will help me to keep pushing through during the hard time that is to come with breastfeeding.

We got the videos to load on Matt's computer, but now we have to figure it out on mine so eventually there will be video on this blog, just not yet.

Finally, we are planning to spend the weekend cleaning the carpet if the snow doesn't ruin those plans. I'm sure it will be ok!