Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ruthie and Sophie are BFFs

First, a few pictures of Ruthie being cute...

PJs from Papa and Nana Greene (my dad and step mom)

Onto the real reason for this post. Our friends, the Bevils, had a little girl, Sophia, a week after Ruthie was born. We went for our first play date today. Here are the pictures:

I got to hold Sophie (her name is Sophia, but we call her Sophie for short), she is precious!
Here are Missy and I holding each others daughters

The families
The girls hanging out

we took lots and lots of picture and video of the girls just laying there. Kinda crazy to think we made that much fuss over 2 little babies that just lay there, but you would understand if you were there to see all of the cuteness that was in one room!
Finally, we got home and Daddy and Ruthie decided to take a rest in the chair together. Aren't they just so cute? I love them!

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