Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ruth Sara Stout!

We welcomed Ruthie into the world January 18th at 11:02 weighing in at 6 lbs. 5.2 oz. and 17 and a half inches long. She is the most beautiful child her daddy and I have ever seen! Here are some pics...

Matt waiting to find out if they would admit me to the hospital

My husband says I look like Hagrid from Harry Potter in this one. Well, he changed and then said my outfit was like Hagrid's and that it was a good look for me so I wouldn't flash anyone!

Waiting...little did we know that after 5 hours of labor up to this point we still had about 16 more hours to go!
waiting until the next contraction
Baby Ruthie within seconds of entering the world!

baby and momma...just after birth, so no judging the hair or lack of grooming
One proud daddy!
Ruthie and I with our midwife, Nancy is wonderful!
Papa Stout and Ruth
Ruthie and Cinderella
More to come later!


Lindsy said...

She is beautiful. So tiny! I can't wait to meet her. Love y'all!

Katy said...

ruthie is absolutely precious! congratulations, matt & sara beth!!