Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some pictures from Ruthie's first week

Ruthie's Dr.'s appointment was canceled due to snow. I am tired of snow. I never thought I would say that, but I am.

Here are some pictures of Ruthie's first few days at home/first week of life.

Daddy holding Ruthie as we are preparing to leave the hospital. She did not care for this outfit and this outfit was entirely too big for her so she did not end up wearing it home. It's a cute outfit though!

She also did not like her car seat. She actually doesn't mind it before and after being harnessed in it, but the act of putting the harness on is not something that she likes!
Ruthie and Daddy hanging out
Ruthie likes laying Daddy's chest

My momma came for a day and here is Ruthie hanging out with her.
Ruthie snuggled up in her pack n play
Ruthie's first bath. She does not like baths.
Resting after the bath
Ruthie has long feet and her second toe is longer than her big toe just like her momma!
I do hang out with Ruthie too. I just spend most of my time feeding her and we don't want to display those kinds of pictures...
Look at that cute little lip and beautiful face!
Family portrait- Maggie is adjusting...

Ruthie likes her swing

Here is Ruthie with her Cinderella doll at 1 week old and Ruthie sleeping in her crib for one of her many naps. She sleeps in our room at night, but we want her to get used to her crib for when we transition to the crib at night so we let her sleep in there during the day. She seems to like it.

That's all for now. I'm headed to take a nap before Ruthie wakes up from hers.


Amber said...

She is so tiny and cute! That picture of her pouting her lip is adorable. Congratulations Sbeth!

Big Jen said...

I am so proud of you for having pictures of you and Ruthie. I felt like I was always nursing, sleeping, or just looking plain ROUGH and refused to be in photos. Now I wish I had been in them.