Monday, February 18, 2008


Matt and I have officially gotten accepted into Seminary and plan to move sometime in the summer. Matt will be going for his Masters in Divinity and I will be working on my Masters in Counseling. It is very exciting and we need your prayers and any help you have in finding a place for us to live and work. We will let you know more as we get closer to moving time!
Also you can be praying for us as we continue to prepare for our Spring Break mission trip to Guatemala March 8 to 15. We have 3 fundraisers this week: a Talent Show, a Guitar Hero Tournament, and a Yard Sale. The Lord has been so faithful in providing up to this point. We have gotten in $14,500 of our $18,000 we need. So please be in prayer for that!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Complete Peanuts

Well, for my (Matt's) birthday, mom and dad got me 2 volumes of the Complete Peanuts. It is incredible. These books are four years worth of Peanuts comics from the '60s. These were some good ones. It introduced Snoopy as the World War 1 Flying Ace. It introduced a kid named 5, and his sisters 3 and 4. His parents thought that everybody was going to end up being known as a number, so their family should be numbers 1-5. It introduced the kid who eventually introduced Charlie Brown to Peppermint Patty. Sally had to wear an eye patch for 6 months because she was developing a lazy eye. Anyway, I am really enjoying it, and I used a gift certificate to get the very first volume, 1950-52. I am looking forward to eventually getting all of the Peanuts comics, once they publish them all. I can't believe that Charles Schulz consistently put out comics for 50 years, and they were as funny and insightful as they were. I really wish I could have ideas and characters that are that well developed. I really do want to be a cartoonist. I'll have to keep working to get ideas and we'll see if I can submit it to a syndicate.