Monday, January 3, 2011

Maternity Pictures

Our dear friend, Kyra, took these for us. I did not want to spend the big bucks for a professional photographer. I had seen some of the pics Kyra took of her kids and so I was up for her taking some and they turned out great! Thanks Kyra and Sydney (her daughter also came along to help)!

Here are a few of the pics taken that day in the chapel at the Seminary.

These next few I fixed up at

Come back later for a few more blog updates TODAY!!!


Lindsy said...

I love the pictures. They turned out beautiful. I can't believe it is so close now. So exciting. Please put me on an email list or something so I know when she arrives.

Sara Beth Stout said...

Lindsy, you are already on the list! You can expect an update asap when Ruthie gets here!