Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just waiting...

Yesterday we went to the doctor and it looks like Ruthie will not be joining us just yet. Our Midwife said that she would see us next week and that the "contractions" I have been having were just Braxton Hicks. So now we just continue to wait. I have plenty to do though. We have taken down all the decorations, but they must be moved back out to the shed. We have lots of clothes to wash as soon as the dryer gets here and a little girl's nursery that could still use some work. And that is just the start of the list!

Onto other things. Yesterday before our appointment, Caroline, Madelyn, and Cara took me to lunch and there were presents! Ruthie got some hair bows, pjs, an outfit with the cutest shoes, another outfit, and the cutest little lamb. I just love these girls and the whole Groth family and it was wonderful to just spend some time with the girls.

After the appointment, we went to run some errands, to see "Despicable Me", and dinner. As we were getting back in the car after dinner Matt got really excited b/c of this image...
We hit 100,000 miles.

That's it for now. Today, we put away Christmas decorations, take out the trash, take Mags to get her nails cut, and prepare for New Years. oh and I must clean the kitchen, booo!

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