Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stout family Christmas

On Sunday afternoon, Kathy, Steve, and Sarah came to visit for Christmas. We spent the time just hanging out, opening presents, and eating lots! It was very fun and relaxing. Check out some of the stuff we got.

Kathy wanted to make sure that Ruthie had lots of Disney movies. I think Ruthie's parents might be just as excited as she will be when she gets here.

I got a new picture book and a parenting book by John Gottman. I love John Gottman. His books on marriage are great and so I can't wait to see what he has to say about parenting. I'll let you know.
Here is Matt playing with his new toy- an iPad. He is very excited!
I don't know what this is but I can't make the picture disappear so it is just stuck here.
New video camera bag to go along with....
my new video camera! This is my new toy that I will use to take lots of video of Little Ruthie and post so grandparents (and others) can see what she is up to.
a ceramic travel coffee mug which I am actually pretty excited about.
And a calendar
We also got some clothes, I got some jewelry and a scarf. We got some other dvds and Matt got a book about Walt Disney and some other fun stuff too. We had a great Christmas.
Oh and a dryer will be coming Thursday. Our dryer died last week and the price to fix it was going to be way more than we even paid for the 13 year old dryer so as a part of the Christmas present Kathy and Steve also got us a new dryer. Woohoo!

Also, since my dad and Chris couldn't be here for Christmas they sent us a box of goodies: Walmart gift card, candy, candles, and a great picture of themselves and a beautiful frame.
Momma and the siblings will be coming for the birth of Ruthie and we will be getting more stuff. This Christmas is going to last forever!!!!!

Today we took down all the Christmas decorations and everything is back how it was. I usually leave all decorations up until New Years day, but I am afraid of going into labor and having to do that when we get home or just being too pregnant to deal with it later. So now we have some clothes to wash and the carpets to clean and I think we will be ready for Ruthie. Can you tell I'm ready for her to be here?

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