Thursday, December 9, 2010

It is Cold here in KY!

It has been very cold here in KY this last week. It started snowing last Tuesday and here we are a week and two days later and snow is still here! I always said that I would love to live somewhere that is snowed, but really I think I would like to just visit. After we graduate I want to move South! I would say this cold is for the birds, but I don't even think the birds like this weather.

Last Wednesday

This would be Tuesday of this week (doesn't look much different)

Also, Maggie does not like the snow either. We were dressing her in a puppy coat to go outside, but she takes it off and rather just be out there for a short time and freeze rather than take her time. I say all of that to say that last night Maggie had enough. When we let her out, she wasn't out there very long. I opened the door to let her back in and on the porch was a puddle of URINE! Seriously, she peed on the porch. I took a picture, but Matt told me that was inappropriate to put on the blog/facebook so I didn't, but know that if you want to see the pic I have it! ha

Pray for us and the employees at the Seminary Post Office and really the whole campus. It is the end of the semester, next week is finals, and lots of people are getting sick. Matt has 6 employees at SPO and 3 of the six were sick this week. Yesterday, I also didn't feel well. I'm not sure if it was pregnancy, sickness, or just burnout from the semester. Anyway, pray that Matt doesn't get sick or bring anything home to me and that I don't catch anything from anyone especially the kids I babysit and work with at the school. Thanks!

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Ginger said...

We'll be praying that the Stouts stay healthy! Sickness and pregnancy are NOT a good mix!

Re: potty on the porch, our next door neighbors have two little dogs and their front porch is like a mine field when it snows! Totally gross! They have to shovel a little trail in the snow to the dogs' "potty" so they'll go out in the yard and sometimes that doesn't even work. Last winter, one of their dogs wanted to start pooping on OUR porch. That didn't go over well, as you can imagine. Luckily, we like their dogs, so that made it a little less annoying....but not much.