Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th

First, here is our latest puzzle. It was a fun one!
Next, we finished out the nursery! check it out!

Here is the mobile I have been wanting from the beginning. It is actually the decoration that made us want to decorate in pink and butterflies.
Also, you can see the new yellow gingham bed skirt.

Here are the new yellow gingham curtains.
Here you can see the beautiful cross that Billy and Clare sent us that says "Daughters are a gift form the Lord" and all the stuff set up for changing diapers. You can also see the baby swing that the Groths gave us! I love how God provides!

Here is a larger pic of the crib, rug, decorations, and chair
Finally, I made some hair bow holders (I'm not sure what to really call them). I got the idea from my friend, Sara Greenwood, and then tweaked it a little since I loved these little wooden shapes. I bought them for 67 cents each at Hobby Lobby and hot glued ribbon that I had collected from different presents and stuff to the back. I hung them with sticky foam pieces that I had from other projects. So it was a very inexpensive (and quick) project. Now I can hang all of Ruthie's bows and they are all easy to see and pick from, I just need to make more...
Close up of wooden shapes (the robot is for Ruthie's daddy).
As you can see the title of this post is Jan 6th, which is today, and is also our initial due date. She is still here and moving a lot. Momma and Daddy have both been sick the last 2 days with some kind of a cold or sinus problem. We are doing better, but seriously would have a hard time dealing with this and a new born so it is good that she has held off long enough for us to get this out of our systems.

Last night we went to breastfeeding class and it was informative. I am hoping it will help me to keep pushing through during the hard time that is to come with breastfeeding.

We got the videos to load on Matt's computer, but now we have to figure it out on mine so eventually there will be video on this blog, just not yet.

Finally, we are planning to spend the weekend cleaning the carpet if the snow doesn't ruin those plans. I'm sure it will be ok!


Kristin said...

Love the nursery! We'll be starting on ours next week! I just signed up for the breastfeeding class here. I've heard it's a must take. Hopefully we'll be able to encourage one another when it gets tough! Love you!

Saige said...

Oh my gosh! That is the exact same puzzle that our family did over the holidays. I just loved finding the little people and matching them up. They were so cute.
Great job on the nursery! Can't wait to see the little girl who's gonna be in it.