Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

The Stouts took a break from school and work for 10 days and traveled. Below are pictures of our Christmas tree and complete Nativity set! We also exchanged presents before we left for our 10 day road trip. Matt got me a 1 cup coffee maker that is really fun to use, and I gave Matt art supplies for drawing his comic and some nerd rope.
We left the Friday before Christmas and headed to Macon where we had lots of family time. We then headed to Knoxville late on the Tuesday before Christmas and enjoyed some more family time with Matt's parents. Below are lots of pictures from Matt's parents b/c we got a new camera and went camera crazy! Enjoy! And Have a Wonderful and Blessed New Year!

Our Christmas Tree

Our Nativity Set

Matt and all of his wonderful art supplies that his amazing wife gave him.

Sara Beth and her fun new toy that her amazing husband gave her.

Matt enjoying my new toy!

Matt's parents tree

Matt's parents tree all lit up!

Matt with Buster and Lizzy!

Matt and me in front of the tree!

Me with Lizzy ( I promise she loves me and wasn't scared at all).

Me and Sarah

Sarah and Kathy

Sarah, Micki (Kathy's sister), Gran (Kathy's mom), Kathy (Matt's mom)

Sarah, Gran, Matt, and the puppies

And finally Sarah, Matt, Buster, and Lizzy!

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Anonymous said...

Aw so fun! Those dogs are stinking cute!