Friday, August 8, 2008

Jobs and School

Hey guys,
It has been a crazy month. I am just going to list all the things that have happened in the last month:
1. We have gotten to see Matt's parents a good bit since moving here. I think we are up to 3. We went once in June, then for the Fourth of July for Norris Day, and then they came for a short visit last weekend. It has been great being so close.
2. I miss my family.
3. Matt is still looking for a job. He has had a few interviews and will be having 2 next week. We know it will come in time but are getting a little anxious.
4. I finally sold a wedding gown. Actually I sold 3! I also had my best day at work last Saturday. I sold 2 wedding gowns, 11 tuxes, invitations for a wedding, and a few other things. I sold double my goal for the day. It definitely helped to boost my confidence that I am competent and capable of doing my job.
5. I started class Aug 4th for a 2 week intensive course. I have 4 tests and 3 papers in 2 weeks. I made an A on my first test and am about to finish my first paper. (This is my attempt to take a break.) I am really enjoying my class and can't wait to learn even more and start counseling!
6. Matt and I are really excited (Matt a little more) about the Olympics beginning tonight. GO USA! We will be having a small party to watch the Opening Ceremonies in a few hours.
7. Matt is busy right now preparing for class to start in a few weeks. There is a lot of reading for his classes so he is getting a head start. We are trying to have as little procrastination in this house as possible. We will see how long that lasts.
I think that is it. I promise to try to blog more often!


jenny said...

Congrats on meeting your sales goal Sbeth! My life is filled with selling bank products, and it IS so satisfying to meet your goals and help someone. Of course, helping someone buy their wedding dress seems much more fulfilling than setting up a checking account...

Springer and Laura Susan said...

Hi Sbeth!

What email address should I send the invite to for our blog?


Love, Suz

runescape said...
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