Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Walkthrough of our House (OK, it's an apartment)

Alright, guys we are finally unpacked and cleaned up enough to show folks pictures of our new apartment. It's great. We really like it here. I'm gonna show you some pictures of it as if you were walking through it, thus the walkthrough promised in the title. Without further ado, here is the outside of our apartment.You can see our little satellite dish there on the bottom, and you can see my legs in our door right under the stairs.
Here's the door to our apartment. Unfortunately the wreath at the bottom there will not hang very successfully on our door, and we kept our cute doormat from Valdosta.
When you walk in the door, this is more or less what you see. We've got the chair in the corner and the couch on the left and the entertainment center on the right. Another chair is in the right hand corner. Here are some other angles.
Turning to the leftTurning to the right.
Turning back around looking at the front door. You can see the DVD collection over there in the corner, which turns out was a nice place for it. I wasn't happy about it at first, but now I like it. Moving on!
Right around the corner is our kitchen! The fridge is over to the left and you can't see it here, but it's way bigger than our old kitchen, if you ever saw that. It has lots of outlets to plug our appliances into, and lots of counter space to put our appliances on.
Here's a better view of our kitchen table and phone and pantry. It was nice to have a dining room in our old house and we don't have one here, so the kitchen table was a little bit of a problem. It's really more like a breakfast nook. It's cute.
Moving on, here is the hallway that leads to the rest of our apartment! To the right is the bathroom.
Not much to see here, it's a little small but it's still way bigger and better than our old one. Down at the end of the hall in that room that was open, there is my little room, which I like to call the Fortress of Solitude.
There's my Star Wars collection on the left, along with our books, and my desk goes in the corner.
To the right is my closet, along with the futon. You can see my friends Watto and Elvis along with my sweet Yoda photo mosaic poster.
To the right of the futon is our laundry closet. It contains our washer and dryer along with our linens (since our apartment didn't have a linen closet) and our tools.
The last stop on our tour is the bedroom, which is the room on the left when looking down our hallway in the aforementioned picture, the one right next to that star.
That's pretty much what you see when you walk in. It's our bed with the picture we got on our honeymoon above it. Look, you can see my Garfield alarm clock on the other side!
Here's the other side of the room, with our TV and my dresser.

Well, thanks for coming to our house, even if it is just over the internet. I hope someday you guys can come and visit and see it in person! Until then, thanks for coming out and tell all your friends!