Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ruthie turns 4 months old!

Ruthie turned 4 months old yesterday. Time is just flying by! Today we went to the dr. and she is 11 lbs and 13 oz (15th percentile), 23 inches long (12th percentile), and her head circumference is 40 cm (25th percentile). She is almost double her birth weight-only 13 oz to go! Here are pics from her 4 month photo shoot!

TUTU Cute!
I think she was tired of pictures...just a few more
Seriously mom!

Where did Cinderella go?

again with the pictures!
Falling over- she can only sit up for a few minutes and then over she goes!
looking at daddy over to the left
This week Matt and I were finishing up classes so Amy, Mark, and the boys came to the rescue for a few minutes so we could go to the Library. Izzie did too the night before, but she didn't leave picks like Amy and Mark and the boys. Here are some pics from their evening.

Matt and I are finished with classes. We both turned in all of our work and are just resting now. Hopefully I can get a little break before summer classes start in 3 weeks! Matt will finish up in the fall and so will I and then....GRADUATION in Dec! Hooray!

In the 3rd month Ruthie:
1. is giggling and smiling all the time.
2. loves Elvis and particularly "Hunk o Burning Love" which is the only song that immediately calms her down! hilarious!
3. is batting at things and following thing with her eyes and looks when she hears noises. She even knows Momma and Daddy's voices and it is pretty awesome.
4. still loving the swing!
5. had first cereal.
6. still hating tummy time and is not turning over, but no worries, I'm sure she will get there in the 4th month!
7. loves her bunny from Aunt Micki and her blankie from the Daughtry-Grubbs. sitting up with some support and holding her head up really well. She is getting so very strong.
9. getting on a routine finally and sleeping for at least 5 hours at night. She is even napping most of the time in her bed. a routine is great for the family too and frees momma and daddy up for some evening time alone!
10. is loved so much by momma, daddy, and even Maggie now!

RJ Update: RJ is headed to Shreveport to get some help from a special surgeon for his tummy. More on that tomorrow when I get an update!


Kristin said...

I can not believe Jude is 2 months younger than Ruthie and they are the same size (2 month check up he was 11 lbs,12 ozs. 23.5 inches long). Man I've got a chunker on my hands!

She is too cute!

Sara Beth Stout said...

well, she started out pretty small (6lbs 5 oz) and then she had a hard time gaining weight b/c of the lactose intolerance. So she is just had a hard time at first. Now she is gaining much faster and has gone from the 3rd to the 15th in just a month!