Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ruthie Has Been Doing All Kinds of Things Lately!

Ruthie tried a sippy cup
She got the hang of it quickly (with some help of course)

We tried to go swimming, but the water was too cold so Ruthie came in and took a "swim" in the tub with dad while I took some photos!
Then on Memorial Day, we finally got to get in the pool (I need to get in the sun asap!)

Then we came in and took a bath to get all that gross sunscreen off
Today we went for an outing and Ruthie took a bottle for the second time today. once was this morning at a friends house/play date and then this afternoon at Starbucks. Apparently she has changed her mind about bottles and I am hoping that it stays this way.
Finally, yesterday we went for a walk and broke out one pair of the 2 pair of sunglasses Ruthie owns. My child is stylin!
Anyway, we spent the weekend just hanging out together in Wilmore. We went on Saturday to meet up with our friend Jeannie for lunch and then to get frozen yogurt (non lactose for me) at Orange Leaf. Orange Leaf is very yummy so go check it out.
Sunday, we went to church and worked in the nursery (we usually have just 4 or 5 children and this week we had 9!) and then had a potluck at church. That afternoon we rested.
On Monday, we slept in and had a family snuggle in bed. We went for a walk, watched some movies, played in the pool, and just enjoyed a day together!
What did you do for the Memorial Day weekend?

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Lindsy said...

She's so stinking' precious. We cleaned house and played in the pool too. I got spoiled by my 4 day weekend!