Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day

Today, we celebrated Mother's day. This year though, I got to be the center of attention and it was so much fun! Last year I was technically a mother b/c my sweet baby girl was already growing in my belly, we just didn't know it yet. But this year she is here to be with her momma! It started last night when Matt gave me this cook book. It is the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. You can get most of the recipes online, but the cookbook has pictures and stories and is so cool! I love it. Then this morning I awoke to breakfast in bed. Matt made breakfast burritos that are in my new cookbook! It was delicious! Then he and Ruthie gave me the beautiful picture frame with Ruthie's pic and her hands and feet prints! It is so adorable and priceless!
Then we headed to church and we got this picture when we got home.

After this, we went to Asuka Japanese Steak house and to see a movie. We saw "Something Borrowed". It was ok, but I don't recommend it. Then we went for happy hour at Starbucks for 1/2 price frapps. When we got home we took a family walk and then just spent time hanging out together. It was a wonderful day! I enjoyed every minute of it and am so thankful for my beautiful, smart, fun daughter and my thoughtful, loving husband.
Now for a few pics of the kid.

She was tired
The Groths gave this little outfit to Ruthie and she can just now wear it so I snapped a pic for them (especially CJ and Madelyn).
HAHAHAHAHA, she was shocked by the flash
Grinning and look at that chubby face!
Found the thumb



Lindsy said...

Love that cookbook! You will too.

Did ruthie tag along on yalls date? If so.....that's one good baby!

Happy moms day.

Sara Beth Stout said...

Ruthie did tag along and all was good until a few minutes into the movie. I think it got to loud or something. Matt just took her to the walk way into the movie theater and walked her around (this happened a few times) and I just fed her when she was hungry right there in the theater under a blanket. We will not be doing that again though. ha