Monday, May 16, 2011

Rj update for Monday

This past weekend we were in TN. You would think we got lots of pics but we didn't. Other people did, but I didn't get a single one. Maybe I can round a few up in the next few days. Also, due to the craziness of the weekend, I did not update about RJ. Here is one though for tonight:

We spoke with the doctor about noon this morning. R.J.'s tummy was looking better, but still some coloring in the secretions, so maybe milk Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. He doesn't want to push the milk and cause worse damage to his tummy. I agree totally with him even though my heart crushes each day he can't have it. I know his tummy needs to be in the absolute best shape to accept this milk and the doctors are very closely watching it. I trust them completely. His oxygen level was bumped up to 24%, which that fluctuates each day, but lungs getting stronger each day.

We had a new hurdle today. His heartbeat dropped a few times during the night and his breathing was getting harder. The nurse said that sometimes it drops and they just forget to breathe, but through the night, they would have to stimulate him by rubbing his tummy or back to remind him to breathe. They say this is normal. So, the best solution they wanted to try was to give him blood through an iv in his foot. They said they have been surprised that someone his size hasn't needed before now. He was getting 12cc of blood to build up his oxygen level and strengthen his heartbeat. They said sometimes it just takes 12cc and sometimes it takes more doses. By the afternoon meeting with the doctor he had already had 4 hours of his dosage and said his heartbeat had not dropped since he was given blood. This was building up his red blood cells. They said it was strengthening his breaths as well. This was an unexpected hurdle after an awesome day yesterday. We know it will be a rollercoaster ride with good days and not so good days, but it stung today. Also, they had to take the courtesy room for someone in a more needed situation within the same hour of the morning diagnoisis. My emotionals were so low. It was tough, but I know that tomorrow is a new day. I trust in the safety of our son even though leaving him today was hard. We trust and know that the Lord is with us and especially our son every step of the way whether it is forward or backward each day. We are learning to take each step day by day. We ask that you pray for his heart beat, his breathing, and that little tummy still so that milk will eventually start putting weight on him. . .but all in God's timing.

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