Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reading Week

So at Asbury we have "Reading Week" instead of Spring Break. I don't think much reading goes on during "Reading Week", but we (just as many others) had great intentions of getting some work done. Last week, we spend Monday and Tuesday have dinner with different friends and it was great fun! On Wednesday, Matt's parents' (Kathy and Steve) came to visit. Kathy and I went shopping while Steve hung out at Tastebuds while Matt worked. On Thursday, we spent the day touring the seminary's campus, going to Highbridge for a pizza picnic, and then off to Shaker Village to just walk and get some fresh air. That night we went to dinner and coffee and played Rummikub! I love that game. Friday, The Stouts headed back home and we were back to normal schedule for the weekend. Below are great pictures of our visit with Matt's parents. And in the end, we did actually get some work and reading done! Have a Happy Holy Week!Matt and Maggie!

The Stout Family
Kathy and Steve at Highbridge
Sara Beth and Maggie
The hairiest cow I have ever seen

2 goats...
3 goats...
more goats...
and they kept coming! There were probably 10 goats all together.

our precious Maggie, isn't she beautiful!

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