Monday, May 25, 2009

the last 3 weeks

In the last 3 weeks lots has been going on:
1. we took finals and school is out for a while. I am taking one class that will be all day for 2 days in June and then no class for until Sept for both of us. It will be a great break. We will spend the next 3 months working and a little (very little) traveling.
2. sad news...2 men from the counseling program here at Asbury were killed in a terrible car accident. it was very sad around campus for a few days, but much rejoicing that 2 more have entered into Heaven! Their wives are doing ok. we took one of the wives dinner and talked with her for a while. Right now the women just keep asking "why?" and are trying to carry on daily life as much as possible. Please pray for Liz Jacobs and Esther Gohil as they grieve.
3. Sarah came to visit for a few days. It was great seeing her and spending time together. We love you Sarah!
4. my computer died...ALL MY FAULT! I spilled water on the table and i guess some got in the ports. at first it would not turn on and for the last few days it has turned on but will not charge. I am going to Louisville on Thursday with a friend of mine to get it fixed. Hopefully it won't cost too much.
5. Still babysitting and loving it!
6. We spent today doing nothing. Well we actually spent the day in bed watching "Valkrie", "The Tale of Despereaux", and " Doubt", made omlettes, cookies, and returned the movies. It was great to just spend a day relaxing.
7. Still no news on the job. I should know in 7 or so days. Let's hope so! We might be getting a little impatient.
8. Below are pictures of what we have been doing in our spare time. It is the progress over the last 2 weeks!

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