Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New home here in Brunswick

(Note: I can't figure out how to turn the pics since I forgot to turn them before I loaded them to blogger so I apologize.)
Here are pics of our new home here in Brunswick! 

Ruthie's closet- Ruthie actually has a closet and it is full of stuff that belongs to her rather than like at our last house it was full of random things. 
 Ruthie's room

 Ruthie's bathroom- Duckies!

 Guest room

 Front of house

 Front door- Entry way
 Living room
 New couches (that are not broken!)
 New Recliner

 Toys- they now have a home that does not take over my whole house!
 dinning area
 collage of pictures of Ruthie
 Kitchen aid mixer and crockpot both have a home on the counter!
 our awesome kitchen that is big with lots of counter space and a pantry as well as a dishwasher,
 back porch area- someone gave us the picnic table, but we have some work to do one it, like new paint and a new board on the table top.
 Master bedroom 

 Master Bath
 Walk in closet
 bath tub jacuzzi 

Still a few things to do like hang something over the window in the kitchen and over the tub in the Master bath, but we are very happy with our new place. We plan to stay here for a while and hopefully buy eventually. However, until we buy this place is amazing and we couldn't be happier with finding this place. We have great neighbors and are close to everything- the church is 1.2 miles away and TARGET (which is my favorite) is only 1.5 miles away and Windixie is 1 mile away! It is wonderful! 
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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