Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Lovin'

The theme for our youth group this summer was Summer Lovin'. It was great and we learned a lot of practical ways to love each other. Anyway, here are some pictures from the summer of our family!

Veggie Tales Thursdays!

lookin cute in her new dress

at the pier on St Simons

more cuteness! 

Happy Fourth of July!

Backyard fun


watching big sis play

cookies at chick fil A

my sweet Livie

beach fun

loving the water

playing drums on the beach

beach bum baby

another Veggie Tales Thursday at church

Ruthie's new book bag

riding in the wagon

baby doll fun

picture of Ruthie on Left and Olivia on Right

Ruthie's baptism on top and Olivia's on bottom- notice the similarities of the cross and how the pastors are holding the girls

rockin out!

playing on the floor

sisterly love

reading a prayer to her baby dolls as she put them to bed

some of my high school/church friends from Martha Bowman and some of our children came to St. Simons for the week so we all got together. There are 8 children and 2 in utero in this pic- we were missing 5 of the children. Crazy that between the 6 of us in the picture we will have 15 children by the end of the year! Love these ladies and miss them so. Miss all the others who could not join us! Thanks for the hour of fun and catching up ladies! 

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