Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Blog

I decided that the Stouts need a blog and here is our first one! Well this weekend was Matt's 24th birthday and we spent the weekend celebrating. Matt's parents came to town and we had so much fun playing TriBond, Boggle, and Canasta while eating way too much. They got to see our cute little house all done up and Matt and I fixed a great meal for them on Friday night. Saturday we went to dinner with some friends and really enjoyed the Japanese food and company. Today we just went to church and rested. It was an amazing weekend! I promise more will come that is more exciting and maybe even Matt will write a few if I can talk him into it!


Springer & Laura Susan said...

Hooray! Welcome to the blog world! Love you!

jenny said...


Andrew said...

Hi, Sara Beth and Matt (SB&M!)!

So glad to see your blog is up and running. Matt, actually what is the date of your first full-Monty? June and I keep a calendar of such occasions, and we want to add your name to the list. Happy 24th circuit of the Son!


PS: You might be interested in visiting one of my blogs I run for an ecumenical group of the Faithful in Richmond by visiting

Thanks again for alearting me to you blog; I've bookmarked it for ready reference.

Brian & Melanie said...

Hey Sbeth!
I am so glad you are blogging, it is so much eaiser for me to keep up with people, rather than facebook... Looks like we might be seeing you soon in KY. Love ya!
-Melanie Johnson

Charlyn said...

Hi, Matt & SaraBeth,
I had Matt's birthday on my calendar and noticed it last week but forgot this weekend. Sorry! I have been thinking of you.
Will check back with you and email when I can.
Mrs. Green, Paul & Mary's mom

amy said...

alright! you're a blogger too now!

kcstout7 said...

Hey Matt and Sara Beth! I read your blog the other day, but just learned how to answer (learned it without any help too!) We had a wonderful time at your house and cannot wait until you live closer! Love you both!