Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor Duncan, we will miss him

Today, I went to the bathroom around 9 am and saw Duncan laying funny and I tried to pick him up. He was not moving much and breathing heavy. I laid him in the kitchen on the floor and tried to get him to walk and he couldn't. I called his previous owner who came over and said she thought he was dying. We called the vet and they said the same. Around 10:15 Duncan took his last breath. It was very sad and we miss him very much even though we only had him 3 months. Please pray for Beth, Duncan's previous owner. She is really having a hard time with his death. She had him for almost 15 years and so it was hard for her to watch him pass.


amberbaldridge said...

Oh sad! I'm sorry Sbeth!

jenny said...

Poor Duncan. Sorry you had to witness that Sbeth.

Melissa Rau said...

This is the saddest post... I am sorry for you SB