Friday, February 6, 2009

A week later..

The ice has melted and another 4 inches of snow fell on Tuesday and Wednesday. This weekend the temperature will be in the upper 50s so I predict the snow will finally melt and go away! I should be a weather woman.
In the last week, I began my job babysitting Kennedy (1 year old girl) and Matthew (2 year old boy). So far so good! I enjoy it and think it will be a much better job to mesh with school.
Matt has of course been working a good bit and is getting ready for classes to start back on Monday. This is our last weekend of freedom before beginning the semester. We don't really have plans other than to get some rest!
Matt's uncle Charles (his grandmother's brother-in-law) passed away this last Tuesday from cancer. Please keep all of the Stout's in your prayers. It was expected, but they still have to grieve.
I had a lot I thought about writing before I sat down to do this, but now all has slipped my mind so I guess that is about it for now! Have a Happy Friday and Wonderful Weekend!

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