Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am going to get better at this

Tomorrow is one month since my last post. I am going to get better at this...maybe. February was a good month for the Stouts. We started back to classes, which is going good so far. Ask us how things are after the last week of March after we have taken our mid-terms! Right now, we both just spend a lot of time reading and writing reflection papers and reading some more. It turns out there is much more reading in Grad school than in undergrad.
We also celebrated Valentine's Day by going to Texas Roadhouse and then getting a blizzard at DQ. We ended the evening by renting a movie at RedBox at McDonald's. It cost $1 per day (plus tax). We watched The Secret Lives of Bees and I recommend the movie, just be prepared to cry...and laugh.
Next, we are hooked on RedBox. You can go online and see what movies are at which box and even pay online to reserve copies or you can go and look through the RedBox at the McDonald's. It really is a great deal at only $1 per movie per day.
We are still enjoying our jobs. Matt has moved up at the Seminary Post Office and is now responsible for all the duplicating duties on campus. Pretty much he goes to each department at the school to see how many copies they have made for that department and then he takes care of getting their money! He is also still enjoying Tastebuds and meeting new people all the time.
I am loving my job too. Below you will see pictures of me with Matthew and Kennedy. They are so cute and fun to hang out with. Also, I interviewed to be the PART TIME youth director at our church here in Wilmore. It would only be 15 to 18 hours a week (4 hours at the church in the office), and includes the time I am already spending with the kids each week. I am really excited! My plan is to babysit Monday and Friday and if I get the job at the church, I will quit working at Tastebuds and work only at the church on Tues and Thurs mornings, and Wednesday nights. It would be great and I will be back in ministry! Right now I don't have the job yet so you can pray that God will have His way in this situation...but I really am excited about this opportunity.
Lastly, I am starting to cook many more things from scratch. Just in the last week I have made chicken pot pie (see pic below), 2 roasts, and gravy from scratch.
I guess that is about it. I will try to do better from now on by blogging more often. Enjoy the pictures!

After our Valentine's Date

Chicken pot pie

Me, Kennedy, and Matthew

Kennedy and Matthew



oh yeah and I got a new hair cut

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Anonymous said...

Aw yay! I hope you get the job at the church!
Love you!