Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crazy week!

So, I planned to post something this past week and then last Tuesday (a week ago) I came down with the flu. I mean I was out of it for almost 5 days and it was so sudden. I woke up late on Tuesday morning around 10, which is pretty late for me, and by 10:30 I had a fever and from there it was all downhill. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who took such great care of me as I moaned and just laid in bed for days. He brought me soup and meds and even took me to the doctor. I did not want to go, but it got so bad I had to go.
Anyway, enough of that. I will not be finding out about the job at the church for oh about a month from now. You know church things, they take forever. We are still just praying for the job. It was lift the financial burden so much. So please keep praying!
For right now we are heading into mid-terms next week. It will be a good week, but so much studying. Also, right now we have so many friends around us getting married and having babies. Let's see I will make a list in no particular order:
Ryan Powell, college friend- Yay for my friend!
Amantha Claxton, high school/church friend- I am sooooo happy for you my friend!
Kate Haney, high school/church friend
Kallee Goodman, also high school/church friend
Also a few others up here at Asbury will be getting married!
As for babies:
Sara Kate and Blake Greene, high school/church friend and husband- Yay, Skate! Thanks for keeping me posted!
Camille and Aaron Slaten- youth leader in high school and dear friend, and her husband
Aaron and Heather Tiger- new friends up here at Asbury that we love very much!
also there are a few more that are yet to be publically announced so I will save those for later. I think that is about it. If I think of more that will give me something else to blog about.
I am so excited for our friends and their bright, exciting, and fun futures. We are here for you and love you!
Ok that is it for now, back to reading and paper writing!

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Lindsy said...

Glad you are feeling better. We have missed you and are looking forward to seeing you this evening.