Saturday, July 25, 2009

July news so far

Well, I guess maybe I should post since it has been well over a month. So here is a small recap:
1. I took a class in June and will be last class of the year. Matt and I are taking it easy and just working until September.
2. We finally got to go see our families in July. It was an adventure as always.
3. This past week was my last week with Kennedy and Matthew. Very sad week for me. I have grown the really love those 2 kids and will miss seeing them 2 to 3 times a week. Here are some videos I took of the kids singing.

4. I killed our camera. While in Macon, I definitely left my purse on top of the car and then drove away. Everything was in the purse when we returned to the purse and everything was fine...until we opened the camera pouch. So for now you will not be receiving any more pictures. Hopefully we can replace the camera soon!
5. Now it is back to finding a job. There are a few babysitting jobs I am talking to people about and I have applied for a job as a staff assistant at the college. So pray that something comes soon!
6. Right now we are enjoying just spending time together when we aren't working. It has been wonderful to just work and not have school work when we get home. Soon it will be back to the books, but until then we will be enjoying just working.
7. Next weekend, we will be spending the weekend in Knoxville for Matt's greatgrandmother's 100th birthday party. Mamaw is excited to see everyone and hopefully we will be able to have a few pictures to show.
8. Right now Matt's sister, Sarah, is in Germany for Eurobrass. It is a traveling orchestra of musicians that will travel through Germany for a month doing concerts and bringing the gospel. Please pray for her and the team that they have safe travels and that they may be able to reach people through the music. Also my sister, Merry Anna, leaves on Monday for South Korea for 2 years. She will return for a break at Christmas and next summer and the following Christmas. Merry Anna will be a RA at a school for children of missionary families. So pray for safe travels for her also and strength as she makes new friends and is away from her friends and family here in the US.
So that is all that I could think of right now. Hope all my readers (you know all 2 of them) aren't dissapointed by this post. We really have boring lives at the moment and are just fine with that. Hope all of you have amazing weekends and get some rest!

PS our 2nd anniversary is in less than 2 months!!!

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Lindsy said...

Sara Beth -

It was so strange not packing Kennedy up this morning to come and see you! I am thankful that we will still each other for evening babysitting and what not. We will miss seeing you as often though. I loved the videos - thanks for sharing! Praying you will find another job soon. Hugs!