Sunday, September 27, 2009

We found a new car

We spent Friday afternoon at the dealership trying to get a 2005 Scion that we really like. However, to make a long story short, we sat there for over 1 hour to be told that another couple had come in and looked at the same car 20 min before we did and they were approved for the loan so we couldn't have the car.
So yesterday we went back to look again b/c they said they would give us a deal since we were so patient to wait on Fri and didn't get the car. Well first we stopped and looked at a car at another dealership we passed and were just not impressed with any of their cars. So back to the dealership we go.
We got there and they recommended a car for us to try out and we did. It was amazing and so amazing that we bought it and brought it home with us! The manager followed through on his promise and we got a great deal! So now we are official owners of a 2003 Buick Rendezvous with only 84k miles. It is such a blessing! We love it and esp the love the roominess and the fact that there are 3 rows of seats. So the search is over and we are happy with our new vehicle. In the end everything worked out for the best! Below are pictures of our new crossover!
If you are ever in the need for a new car and are in the Lexington area let us know and we will send you to Don Jacobs to speak with our friend Harrison!


Lindsy said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Congratulations. I know you needed that and I am glad your need was provided. =)

Marlene said...

What a cute car. I love it. So glad you found it.