Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And the semester begins!

So let's go back a bit first to the end of July/beginning of Aug. Matt's Great Grandmother, Mamaw Stout, turned 100! Her birthday was July 30th and then her party was Aug 2nd. Here are some pictures of the party.The great grand children that attended

the grand children and great grandchildren that attended.
everyone with Mamaw

Next we move onto the wreck. On Monday evening (Labor Day) Matt and I were on our way back from TN and a lady hit us. We were sitting patiently at a red light for 30 seconds after getting off the interstate and a lady was not paying attention and rear-ended us. All I can say is I am so glad she veered off and tried to miss us of that would have been even worse. We are all ok, but Peggy is not as you can see below!

Here is the new lamp that we will be using to put together our puzzles. Our livingroom is also much brighter and we like it.

Here is our final puzzle for a while. We are going to get settled into school and then start on some more. Notice that it is a picture of the Kentucky Derby.
Also, classes stared back yesterday. Matt and I have a class together, which I think will be good. We also have one other class each that meets once a week and then we both have a class that meets only a few times in the semester. At the moment we are not too stressed. Ok, I am not too stressed and Matt is not stressed at all which is the usual. That is it for now and I can't promise too many posts, but I will do my best for all of my 2 readers out there!


Lindsy said...

So thankful that the wreck wasn't worse and you are all ok. Glad you got a new lamp for all your puzzling if thats what it's even called?? Looking forward to seeing the two of you Saturday!

Laura Susan said...

Bummer about the car. I'm glad you guys are OK!
Hope you have a great semester!
Love, Suz

Marlene said...

Puzzling, that's what I'm talking about. I would love to have a puzzle up all the time. Of course our cats, Bubby 'n Sissy, would have the pieces scattered in minutes. I do keep one at our camp. Love to escape into a puzzle. It was great seeing you two again.