Saturday, August 29, 2009

gross stuff

So on Wed afternoon we went outside and saw water covering the parking lot and it has not been raining. So we were curious as to what it was but didn't really think anything of it until Thurs morning. On Thurs morning it smelled awful! turns out the sewage was over flowing IN OUR FRONT YARD! I called over to our landlord's and by the end of the evening they had people out to work on it and as a matter of fact those nice men are still working to fix our sewage overflow but at least the smell is finally gone.
Since the sewage water was all over the ground we had to give Mags a bath. Here she is in the tub with her bone. It is the only way we can get her to stay in the tub. Our poor Maggs has been through it the last few weeks. 2 weeks ago she had a staph infection, yeast infection, urine scald (I will leave it at that), and was up to 19.4 lbs due to getting into the trash and eating some squash, watermelon, and coffee grinds. Anyway, I took her back yesterday and she lost 1.3 lbs and the staph infection is gone. Yay! Maggie has been through it since we got her, but we love her anyway!

Here is the second to last puzzle we are doing for now. We are planning to do one more and then take a break to focus on school since we start back in just 9 days.
Today we went to Boyd's Orchard for Silas's birthday! It was lots of fun to watch the kids play and in the next month or so we are going to go back hopefully and pick apples! I am really loving the Groth family even though last week Caroline got sick and I spend all Thurs morning cleaning up throw up. I didn't get sick and I love those kids so it was no big deal! So pretty much this week was spend with gross situations! All in all it was a great week and we completed one puzzle. Yeah I know we are nerds, but fun nerds, right?

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