Friday, October 16, 2009

Pictures of the New Apartment

So here are some pictures of our new apartment. We will be moving in officially sometime the last week of Oct. Right now we are just moving a few things into the basement. I accidentally uploaded the pics in the opposite order than I meant too, but enjoy the pics!

Kitchen ceiling and light

sink, stove, DISHWASHER, microwave. don't you love the green and white? The kitchen also has lots and lots of cabinets.

Pantry to the right

looking into the kitchen from the living room

looking into the living room from the hallway. That is one large closet for storage and we are very excited about it since we have no real storage right now.

Walk-in closet!

Garden tub!!!!

looking into the hallway from the bedroom

the ceiling fan in the bedroom

our large bedroom

more of the bedroom

a picture from the outside

a picture of the outside from the street.


Lindsy said...

So stinkin' cute. Is this in Wilmore off Main Street? Is it attached to a business? I swear it looks familiar. It is precious! Congratulations.

Matt and Sara Beth Stout said...

it is in downtown Wilmore. It's across the street from the post office. there is a flower shop and a hair salon also in the building. We are really excited! Thanks!

Big Jen said...

It's adorable! I especially love all the cabinet space in the kitchen. Our apartment had NO space and we had to store pots and pans in the guest closet!

amberbaldridge said...

I love it! It's super cute and I know you'll make it even cuter!

Camille said...

Sbeth-it looks absolutely perfect! It's beautiful! Hope y'all enjoy it and get moved in quickly. Love you!