Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meet baby Micah Reilly Noah Tiger and baby Ebenezer Lane Daughtry-Grubbs

Apparently our friends love really long names for their children!
Anyway, first meet Baby Micah. Our friends, Aaron and Heather, had Micah on Oct 5th. Here is a picture of Matt, Micah, and me. Next, meet Baby Eben. Eben was born to Matt and Amy on Oct 6 (yes these 2 are 1 day apart!). Last night, Amy and Matt left Eben with us for a few minutes to run to the church to do some errands, and we just had to get some pictures of this cute one!

We just love them both and their parents so much and can't wait to see the great Godly men they will become one day!

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