Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Home

Here are pictures of our new apartment. I realize that this is the 3rd place we have lived since getting married a little over 2 years and 2 months. However, this place is the nicest place we have lived, and maybe the nicest place we will ever live! ha

First we have pictures of our new curtains. My friend Amy and I made the brown sashes for the curtains. I love them!

Candle holders that my great grandfather Chambliss (my mother's mother's father) made by hand

Office area in bedroom


I had to put the curtains I worked on so much somewhere, so they made it to the hallway across from the crosses. The window has no blinds so we have to have curtains!

AWESOME bathroom!

Living room

Dinning area/puzzle making area


Pantry in the kitchen, but there is also a huge closet in the living room that holds other stuff. There's so much storage in this place!

Stairway to the basement/laundry room. I love having that area to store things and Matt loves having a place to draw his comics and put his Star Wars stuff. Matt actually now has a drawing table down there to really get to workin' on his comics...
He is going to kill me for doing this! haha

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Kristin said...

Love the new place! Glad we are setting the same tradition! We're on our 3rd place in 2 years as well! But we both knew we'd be signing up for a wild adventure when we married our Godly men! :) Love you my friend!