Sunday, February 7, 2010

pictures of the new apartment (yep, this is our 4th home since getting married 2 years and 4.5 months)

Here are pictures of the new house. It is a duplex and very nice. We are not completely unpacked, but you will get the idea. These are really for my sister who asked me for pictures and I am just getting around to posting. I will post more when we are unpacked and have stuff on the walls.

This one is just for laughs


Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Well, I can guess who used the bathroom last! :o) Your new place is so cute! I'm trying to figure out where it is.

Marlene said...

You two are going to become professional movers. I don't envy you one bit. You will get everything unpacked and put away eventually. I know it must be difficult with school and work. The Lord strengthen you both. In the midst of the chaos, go work a puzzle :) (just sayin)

Matt and Sara Beth Stout said...

yes, matt was in there last, i guess. and it is at 145 Hutchins. just as you are leaving town on the left on Lexington Ave before the Evangelism Resource center. And then 2 blocks down. it is the old seminary housing.
Mrs. Marlene,
I hope this is the last move for at least 16 months since that is how long our lease is now. Also, as soon as i get the house unpacked and things hung then it will be onto a new puzzle. At least I hope we can continue to do them if we don't get bogged down with school work. (pray for us!)