Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on moving

We took a break from packing to do a puzzle. This may be my favorite so far. Now we are out of puzzles so we will have to work on packing and moving b/c we don't have puzzles or school to occupy our free time!
So the preparations of moving are on their way. We picked up a portable dishwasher this weekend that is 5 months old and the lady sold it to us for half the price she bought it so it was a deal! We are going tomorrow to get a stand alone kitchen pantry for $20! another steal! Everything is coming together quit well.
Only one road block that is now fixed, but I will tell you about it. On Saturday we dropped off our dishwasher and put it in the storage building. While we were there, I decided to look in the back window into our new place since 1. we didn't have a key to go inside I just had to look and 2. i wasn't thrilled the first time we went so I wanted to see the place from the perspective of this is where we are living instead of being upset that we had to move. Anyway, when I looked inside I asked Matt if he remembered seeing a fridge last time we were there. He said no and I said well there isn't one in there now. We called the landlord and needless to say we have to have our own fridge. Thank goodness Matt's parents came to the rescue! They have an extra fridge just sitting around and are bringing it to us next week!
Also I bought these nice boxes to store things under our bed! I am really excited about them. Yes, it is the little things people!
So the moving will happen next Tuesday. Also today I called to make arrangements for our utilities to be turned on at the new place on Tuesday...this means it is really happening. Pictures of the new place to come soon!

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