Friday, January 8, 2010

What do we do when it snows...

Well we invite 5 year olds who do not have school due to snow to our house for monopoly and...Hot chocolate!
(This is Raya, one of the girls I keep on weekday mornings.)

We also go out and take pictures of the loveliness!
This is the front of our home.

We also watch our doggie run inside b/c it is entirely too cold for her. Poor girl can't even go potty without her bottom getting frozen as she sits in the snow to do her business! TMI, huh?

We look at our pumpkin that we got back in October to carve and never did. Poor pumpkin!

And finally...we see if we can break our puzzle records. So far during this winter snow we have done 3 puzzles since last Saturday and...drum roll please...we finished this puzzle in 4.5 hours last night. Yep, that's right people we finished a puzzle in one day. We started at 5:30 last night, took a 1 and a half hour break, and then finished at 12:05 am! I think we may have a problem...
a puzzle making obsession!

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