Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas and New Year's Eve 2009

Christmas Eve picture

Maggie on Christmas morning

Matt got a t-shirt and Star Trek DVD

Maggie with her new flying squirrel and "necklace"...she is so cute, isn't she?

New Earrings from the husband

Camera, M&M's, word search, and high school musical cards, the camera didn't have a flash so we sent it back and bought a new Coolpix L20 to replace the one I broke when my purse fell off the car back in the summer. So all the pictures after this one are taken with the new camera!!!!
New casserole pot to match our everyday china from the Stouts

A few of our new games, dvds, and cds we got for Christmas. These will keep us busy while we don't have classes right now!

Matt's new ipod....he is very excited!

My new purse from Sarah and jacket from my mom

Matt is slowly completing his collection of Peanuts comics. He got 2 new volumes this Christmas.
The following pics are new ornaments:
Maggie's first Christmas with us!

Matt's tuba

my ballerina

We love coffee!!!

We used the dishes my grandma gave me for Christmas at our New Year's party. They were her and my grandaddy's dishes that they got after they were married to host parties. I love them and enjoyed using them.

Maggie at the party

Matt and his coffee at our Pajama New Year's party

Susan, Bob, Maggie, and Matt playing Apples to Apples

Abe, Izzie, and Erika playing Apples to Apples

Group shot

Silly Group Shot

Happy New Year from the Stouts (in our new pjs from my parents)

What did everyone else do for New Years? What are your plans for the upcoming year?

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