Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spending time with Caroline and Summer

Caroline and I have lots of time together each week. Madelyn doesn't get home until 2:50 each day so it is just CJ and me for almost 3 hours each day I am there. So lately we have been discussing that she will go to school next year and won't be home until 2:50 like Madelyn and that we won't have as much time just the 2 of us. Therefore, we are making the best of all the time we have together. Here are a few things we have been up to lately:
1- CJ wants to paint her toenails a new color everyday! We usually end up painting them just once of the 2 to 3 times I am there, but let me tell you that child loves to paint her toes esp. blue and wear lip gloss!
2- We have been taking little trips out each afternoon. One day we went to Target and split a small icee. One day we also went to the pet store and pet the birds, dogs, and cats. Who knew there was so much excitement at the pet store!
3- We have been reading a lot of books. Many, many books! She especially likes when we go outside and sit under the tree on a blanket and read. We also sometime wait until M gets home so we can all 3 read together.
4- Lastly, we have been having chat time. CJ likes to go upstairs to her room and we just sit and talk. She tells me about her friends, the boy she likes (I promised not to reveal his name), the upcoming trip to California where they will go to Disney Land, the beach, maybe Sea World, but most importantly THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL STORE! The girls have been asked to not talk about California b/c their brother will be having surgery and it scares him to think about it so the girls don't talk about it around them and therefore we talk about it A LOT before Silas gets home!
This summer I will be with all 3 of the Groth children (Madelyn, Caroline, and Silas) and the 2 Hughes children (Raya and MaKenna) for the summer. The schedule is crazy, but I love what I am doing. I mean who wouldn't want to spend a summer day playing games, watching movies, playing hopscotch, swinging at the park, playing dress up as a princess, a dancer, a super hero, or a gymnast among many other things, reading books under the tree, going swimming, grocery shopping, going to the pet store, going to the library, going to other stores, and don't forget painting the toenails of 4 cute little girls!

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Cara said...

Thanks for loving my kids and taking good care of them!!! You are a blessing.